Grace Muchmore: Branching Out

Maggie Lager

grace muchmore.jpg
Grace Muchmore, Sophomore
“I love making art. Creating in general is such a gratifying experience for me. I’m all over different types of mediums. From crayon wax to acrylic paint. This year I really started branching out. I’m taking a Film/Video EFA at The Epic Center and I have really found myself enjoying the class. I cannot even begin to express how much I have learned and progressed. It’s also such a great opportunity to meet other interesting people from other schools. Later this year I plan on working on different sculpture projects. Currently, I have found myself fixated on mixed media projects, such as journaling. I especially enjoy gouache paint (seen in the following examples). I am, of course, still trying to figure things out and experimenting. I don’t have any definitive plans for the future, though I do know for sure I want to peruse an art-centric career.”

Eye Journal

Purple Journal

Screen Cap From Thanatopsis 1

Screen Cap From Thanatopsis 2

Gouache Painting