Hail to the Heyl: Loy Norrix Students Receive the Scholarship of a Lifetime

Erika Wagoner

On February 22nd, 2017, four students from Loy Norrix High School were offered one of the greatest scholarships awarded to future college students of Kalamazoo (K) College or Western Michigan University (WMU)’s Bronson School of Nursing. This scholarship is known as the Heyl.
Students who plan to go to K College for math or science related subjects or WMU’s Bronson School of Nursing, which is all about training students to become highly skilled nurses, can apply for the scholarship to get a full ride at either of the two schools. Two Loy Norrix students who were offered and accepted the Heyl scholarship to the WMU Bronson School of Nursing are Reace Hammel and Julia Townley. Hamza Turkistani and Jesse Pollens-Voigt are the students offered the Heyl scholarship to K College.
Requirements over the years to be considered for the Heyl scholarship are a minimum GPA of 3.5, a challenging high school curriculum that includes one year each of biology, chemistry and physics, four years of math and an interest in math, science or nursing. The scholarship is typically awarded to eight students, but this year it has been offered to nine students from Loy Norrix or Kalamazoo Central High School.
Townley plans on becoming a nurse when she completes college at WMU.
“I don’t get any of the Kalamazoo Promise, so being awarded the Heyl scholarship opens up so many opportunities for my future,” explained Townley. “I won’t have to worry about loans or debt throughout college. It’s truly a gift that I’m forever going to be grateful for.”
Hammel, who also plans on becoming a nurse after completing college at WMU, gives thanks for the Heyl as well.
“It means the world to me because it’s going to pay for a lot of the costs that I’m going to have to take care of anyway, like paying for all the books and schooling,” said Hammel. “I’m grateful for it to provide for me with opportunities to have fun in college and experience more than I would have without the money because this way they have the program all set up for me to be in the nursing program.”
Pollens-Voigt who has been offered the scholarship to attend K College is grateful as well.
“I feel honored to receive such an incredible opportunity that builds on top of the Promise. It makes a very enticing offer,” said Pollens-Voigt.
Turkistani has almost the exact thoughts as Pollens-Voigt. Both students haven’t decided on what college they will go to in the fall, but with the Heyl scholarship in the picture, they have a lot to think about.
There is nothing more rapturous than being able to go to college and have it all paid for.