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Going To Sleep Early Could Benefit Students

Esmeralda Lopez (1)
Junior Esmeralda Lopez sits wide awake reading a science magazine in Jason Wagner’s environmental science class. Lopez seems to have gotten a good night’s sleep.

Waking up early might seem like a crazy idea when all you want to do is wrap yourself up in a blanket and sleep like the dead until you absolutely have to wake up. Your alarm clock keeps ringing, but you just can’t seem to keep your eyes open. If students went to bed earlier they would have an easier time waking up early the next day, eliminating this problem.
Think of all the times when a teacher told you to go to sleep early the night before a test or an exam. The reason they say this is that when you sleep, your brain is able to process  the day’s information, according to “Sleep Deprivation and Memory Loss,” on WebMD.
It’s like your brain is filing your day’s notes while you’re sleeping. Sleep is an important aspect of learning.
Junior Kanejia Conner feels she does better on tests and exams when she goes to bed early.
“Getting more sleep is important, things are still fresh in your brain. You’re able to do better,” said Conner.
The Good Habit and Benefit of Going to Bed and Waking Up Early,” an article on sleep, says it is possible for a person to develop the habit of waking up early by going to sleep early.
When students wake up earlier they have more time to get things accomplished, such as eating breakfast. When students get used to going to sleep and waking up early, they start feeling happier and more energized. Students will have a better quality of sleep as a result of waking up earlier, after getting used to it.
Sophomore Julienne Alphonse agreed waking up early would help her.
“Waking up early would give me more time to myself to do stuff in the morning,” said Alphonse.
If students have more time to themselves in the morning then they would have more time to get their things organized for school and look over homework if needed. Students will also have enough time to plan their day efficiently.
Alphonse expressed a benefit to waking up early.
“You’ll be more active for your classes,” said Alphonse
Students are able to focus better when they’re not tired. Falling asleep in class usually happens when students go to bed really late. If students went to bed early, they would feel more refreshed and mentally prepared for the school day.
According to “Falling asleep in class? Blame biology,” on CNN, “teens go to sleep later and wake up later than adults, clashing with early morning class schedules, causing them to be tired in class.”
“If I don’t get enough sleep, I tend to fall asleep in class, especially during my second hour. That’s when I feel tired the most,” said Conner.
No teen wants to pop out of bed at five a.m. which is understandable, so many are in dire need of getting every second of sleep they can. Activities such as work, sports, clubs, homework, studying and chores stand in the way of getting a good night’s sleep, so teens stay up late to fulfill them.
Students could break up their schedules so that they aren’t doing so many things in one day. Keeping an organized planner of daily tasks will help cut down on having so much to do. Organizing priorities by their due dates will also help to cut down on trying to cram them all in one day.
“I love my sleep too much, so I make time for it. If I’m tired, I’m rude, so I have to make time for it,” said junior Ariana Bailey.       
Though some students do not have the luxury of being able to complete two or three tasks a day, some may have a packed schedule because they need to earn a living or because they need to help their parents. Parents, sports, raising money and graduating high school are some possible factors as to why some students have a long to do list.
Nonetheless, it is important that students get enough sleep to feel more energized and awake. Teens need at least eight to ten hours of sleep a night, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
“For me, getting enough sleep is important because I need to be energized and prepared for senior year,” said senior Destiny Staggs.
Though it can be hard, I think students should go to bed early. Staying up late makes students want to sleep longer, then they rush getting ready for school, forgetting books and papers. No one wants to sit at a desk that has a drool puddle from someone who couldn’t stay awake.

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Going To Sleep Early Could Benefit Students