Loy Norrix Spirit Week: Blue and White Day

Devon Gross, Editor-in-Chief

Loy Norrix spirit week is coming to an end, but it couldn’t be over without a day dedicated to Norrix’s school colors: blue and white. On Friday, students in all grades were spirited from head to toe in blue and white, celebrating pride for their school.

Freshmen Claudia Ligman, Ellie Lepley, Samantha Vandepole, Carson Williams and Tieran Rafferty all pose together in their school pride. “We wore blue and white today because we’re excited to be knights,” said Vandepole. Photo Credit / Julia Perry

Juniors Lisette Arevalo and Ciera McClenton-Langston smile in their Norrix-spirited outfits. Both girls are excited to show their school spirit. Photo Credit / Julia Perry

Senior Madison Downham gleams in her prideful outfit. “I dressed up today because it’s my last year and I’m ‘bout to graduate!!” squealed Madison. Photo Credit / Julia Perry