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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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The Voice of the Loy Norrix Community

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Fulfill These Tips to Gain Success in High School

By Jaden Blakes, Guest Writer
red shirt
High school can be full of confusion and stress at times. A wide range of students struggle to maintain a good performance throughout the school year. High school, unquestionably, takes perseverance and tenacity to get through. If you’re not willing to even give just a little bit of effort, you may as well be submerged in quicksand.
“Stay focused and don’t worry about the little things,” said freshman Hailiey Houser. This is an immensely important factor when trying to succeed in high school.
For numerous high school students, like those at Loy Norrix, satisfaction is never met simply because of atrocious habits like being attached to electronics, displaying bad behavior for attention and so on.
According to Inc., a website which gives small business ideas and provides information about current events, success is more correlated with productivity, not age.
In a recent study about scientific impact, researchers studied the patterns of breakthrough success in approximately 3 thousand physicists. They found that success did not depend on age.
Another fact from Inc. states that curiosity is more important than knowledge.
A new study found that more dispositionally curious people are better at conquering biases than less curious people.
According to a website Mun:planet, based on  the most colossal global community of MUN conference attendants, maintaining great health is mandatory for success. Stress and lack of sleep are the biggest enemies of a healthy, happy person.
A successful high school student does not procrastinate nor do they tire themselves by skipping a bundle of sleeping time and pulling an all-nighter to work. A successful high school student does not intentionally disregard certain problems they have difficulty solving, nor do they cheat on an assessment due to lack of preparation.
They manage their time wisely and follow instructions promptly. They prevent negative influencing people from interfering with their schoolwork. They possess excellent behavior, inside and outside of school.
Though it is tremendously difficult at times, high school students need to dig deep into their minds, use every bit of knowledge they have and fulfill duties that are required for success in high school.
Loads of tools and guidelines can help you with your high school triumph. Although certain people need certain tools, a variety of methods can be used for any high school student to be successful.
According to ThoughtCo. a website that focuses on informing people about various topics like science, history, and religion, those methods include:

  • Creating goals that you feel can be accomplished but take time to do so such as trying to achieve grades that are 90% or higher, establishing rewards like treats, etc.
  • Studying as much as you possibly can.
  • Developing relationships with rational and supportive people.
  • Eating regularly and healthily.
  • Focusing on schoolwork, including directions and lessons taught.
  • Doing activities to improve your mind’s power like strategy games and trivia.
  • Being accountable for your actions
  • Balancing time evenly.
  • Attending class on time.
  • Helping others.
  • Taking important classes.
  • Testing out of classes if the material is known.
  • Planning your future,

There are multiple other safety guards, but these are some of the most vital.
To be a successful high school student, you must get rid of consistent negative habits and stop asking yourself why your brain is giving you the “silent treatment.” Applying yourself, working hard and being determined is the right way to go.
Another factor that can make a high school student successful is failure. Learning from failure can help you reach your full potential and can allow you to go beyond that. It makes your success road easier and easier along the way. Achieving implies failure, but it is certainly worth it.
Atychiphobia, fear of failure, a phobia that I suffered from severely, led to depression. Although it took approximately a year and a half to overcome, I finally realized that fear is only a frightening emotion that brings you down and does not strengthen you whatsoever. Evolve in your own storm of accomplishment.

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    Maya CrawfordFeb 15, 2018 at 11:20 am

    Very helpful and informative!

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Fulfill These Tips to Gain Success in High School