Loy Norrix Wrestling takes Battle Creek Lakeview to the Mat

Mia May

The Loy Norrix crowd is small but supportive. There’s a small team on one side, warming up for a tough match. There’s a small buzz of excitement about the Loy Norrix wrestling team going around.
The team has a record of 3 wins and 7 losses so far this season. The team only has 17 wrestlers, almost every other wrestling team has two times that many, and wrestlers are on and off the bench due to injuries and grades. This may bring the team down on the scoreboard.
The wrestling season is 3-4 months long and requires 6 dedicated days a week of practice, meets and tournaments. The Norrix wrestling team most recently wrestled against Battle Creek Lakeview.

ChaseT (3)
Junior Chase Thomas is trying to grab the knee of his opponent so he can get points for a take down. A take down is two points and means that the person that is awarded has the upper hand to pin the other wrestler. Photo Credit / Mia May

BryceC (1)
Wrestling coach Alex Hill (left) is talking to sophomore Bryce Cooper (right) after his tough match. After every match, all wrestlers must talk to the coaches about what they can do to improve for their next match. Photo Credit / Mia May

Junior Roy Britney is trying to escape the grip of his opponent from Battle Creek Lakeview. Britney has been in wrestling for almost 3 years and is now team captain. Photo Credit / Mia May

DimitriusC (1)
Junior Dimitrius Cobbs won his match by points. In wrestling, someone can win by pinning their opponent or by getting more points than the other wrestler. Photo Credit / Mia May

Freshmen David Wilson is getting put in the middle of the traditional ‘break down.’ Before a wrestler steps foot on the mat they get a ‘break down’ by their teammates. A ‘break down’ is what the team does to wish a wrestler luck before they step on the mat. Photo Credit / Mia May

Junior Ismael Enriquez has been wrestling for about a year and a half. In this photo he is ‘hand fighting’ with his opponent. If Enriquez gets a hold of his opponents hand, he can get take down points. Photo Credit / Mia May