Those Summer Knights: Loy Norrix Students Discuss their Summer Traditions and Plans for the Coming Months

Victor Moss

SouthHavenBeach Moss
Due to the short drive from Kalamazoo, South Haven beach is a popular spot for many summer day trips.

June 14th, 2018. The sun shines through the glass castle, spreading phenomenal selfie lighting throughout the empty halls. At the sound of a bell, these halls will soon be crowded with elated students, eager to begin their summer vacation, all with some form of plans for these next three months. Whether it’s relaxing with friends, or traveling across the globe, these students are determined to make the best of their time off.
Freshman Keegan Cameron is one of the more adventurous vacationers.
“My favorite thing to do in the summer is hang out with friends and ride bikes in the woods,” says Cameron.
These two-wheeled escapades became a pastime during Cameron’s sixth grade year, when most students begin to gain a little more independence.
While some students find fun in the forests, others prefer to have a luxurious lap at the lake. Junior Chris Aranda is one such person.
“I’ve always enjoyed the cold waters of Lake Superior,” said Aranda.
So much so, that his family has been taking vacations there for over sixteen years! Given this, be sure to keep an eye out for Chris this summer if you’re ever around Lake Superior!
From Lake Superior to Lake Michigan, our last student shares a common goal with many Knights here at Loy Norrix: to have a relaxing summer. Senior Bonnie Bremer enjoys taking trips to Van Buren State Park with friends.
“My favorite summer activity is climbing dunes and finding a little lookout area,” said explorer-esque Bremer.
Although busy with college and work, Bonnie still hopes to find time to make these beach trips.
Hopefully these students’ plans will give our readers some more ideas of how to make this summer break even more fun!