Snack and Study, an Important Boost to Freshman Assimilation

Lilly MacInnis, Photo Editor/Social Media Team

No one can deny that the freshman year is one of the hardest. No, they don’t have to worry about college or their standardized test scores just yet, but they do have to get used to a whole new environment. Moving from middle school is not easy and many students grades suffer because of it. Finals are also right around the corner which are new to freshman. Many new students haven’t experienced the nerve racking days when all you can do is study.
The Freshman Snack and Study is an event that Link Crew, an organization run by teachers and upperclassmen to help freshman transition to high school, hosts to give freshman a place to come in and get help from Link Crew members (Link leaders) on their homework and studying right before exams.
Junior Alexis Antisdale explains how they organize the event, “We take other snacks from previous events and save them for Snack and Study, we make invitations for our freshman to let them know about Snack and Study and exams and all that.”
Antisdale also elaborated about the significance of this event, “It helps Freshman get prepared because, in middle school, finals aren’t that big of a deal but now they are twenty percent of your grade.”