Loy Norrix Campus Safety Officer and Local Musician Boards “The Morning Train”

Elliot Russell, Editor-in-Chief

Officer Marlon Corner wears his trademark hat while working in the B-wing. He is typically stationed outside of the cafeteria or in the B-wing. Photo Credit, Elliot Russell

As officer Marlon Corner patrols the halls of Loy Norrix, the rhythm of his footsteps echo through the barren hallway, always keeping his mind on his music. As he enters the B-wing, a passing student asks, “When is the new song dropping?”
Many students will inquire with Loy Norrix campus safety officer and musician Marlon Corner about his upcoming work.
Having grown up with musical influences including his father and other musicians like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, Corner has always lived a musical life.
“I grew up in a home where country music was played, rock and roll and things like that and I attended a Pentecostal church,” said Corner. “So one day, I see this guy on TV shakin’ and singin,’ a guy named Elvis Presley, he was singing ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ and that day I fell in love with rock and roll.”
Officer Marlon Corner works on music in his home. He records all vocals and instrumentals himself.

Corner records his music in his home. He pairs his soulful vocals and his jazzy piano skills to create original country music with a sound like none else. He expresses his love for America through his songwriting, but he also isn’t afraid to be critical of it.
“The older I got and seeing the change in the tone of the world and the way politics have been going and things around the world, it has caused me to take things more serious,” said Corner. “I’m a voice that wants to portray bringing America together, like the people, the black, the white, the hispanic, I mean everything, the common sense.”
Corner’s new single, “The Morning Train,” takes politicians head-on. He sings about the current political climate and that it’s time for the people to take control rather than politicians.
Before the song was even released, he was already receiving positive feedback from co-workers, and believe it or not, politicians.
“I was contacted by a guy who was running for the United States Senate and first when he contacted me, I put a snippet of this song on Facebook and he heard it, and so he calls me, he says ‘I wanna use this song.’ He owns this big radio station up north and he wants to use it for the theme song, and I told him ‘I’m not endorsing any sides, I’m an artist.’” Corner continued, “He’s a Republican candidate and he actually asked me to quit my job and join his campaign for hire, and I told him no, and so he’s figuring out how to get me on board with him and get this song to basically support the Republican party is what it sounds like.”
Having picked up so much traction right from the start, Corner is hoping his new single will launch him into a successful music career. He hopes that this new music will give him an opportunity to do more outside of his comfort zone like performing live.
“I’m sure that if the song is liked, which is what I’m hoping, it’s probably going to prompt me to have to step more out front and do some things,” said Corner.
In the meantime, “The Morning Train” is available on all major music streaming platforms and you can keep up-to-date on Corner’s work via his Facebook page.