LN Seniors recognized at KRESA EFE Outstanding Senior Award Breakfast

Outstanding Senior Knight Life Photo-1
Max Neeley, Victoria Zehner, Elizabeth Perez-Vazquez, Lacey Burke, Tony Dougherty, Destiny Mabon and Maddie Jones were nominated as KRESA’s EFE Oustanding Seniors. Photo Credit / Destiny Mabon

Early morning on April 27th, 2017, Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (KRESA) awarded Kalamazoo County’s Education for Employment (EFE) Outstanding Seniors from private and public high schools, nominated by their teachers.

I think it’s great that students get a chance to be recognized for doing positive things, because nowadays you hear a lot of negative things about students, and people. The students I picked were hard working, stayed focused and appeared to be on the right track,” said EFE Teacher Atiba Ward.

Seniors Lacey Burke, Tony Dougherty, Maddie Jones, Destiny Mabon, Max Neeley, Elizabeth Perez-Vazquez and Victoria Zehner, were not only rewarded for being outstanding seniors, but some earned scholarships based on their academic achievements, community involvement, extra-curricular activities and future goals.

Being nominated for the outstanding senior award was unexpected, but makes me feel very proud of what I do. I was ecstatic to know that I got the scholarship and I look forward to continuing my film studies,” said Neeley.

KRESA EFE programs allows students to experience hands-on and in-class career and technical education/studies. The EFE programs have impacted many students’ lives in choosing what business careers they would pursue in their future.

“Being nominated for the outstanding senior awards was a great honor. My EFE was a super fun experience and I was glad to win a scholarship,” said Zehner.

The scholarships and opportunities these senior have received can positively affect their careers in the business community.

“I am very thankful for the scholarships and nominations. EFE courses are great ways to branch out and explore future careers. Thank you Mr. Gage and the KRESA program,” said Dougherty.

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