Loy Norrix Students Take Vow of Silence To Evoke Change


Tamara Irby, Kyra Williams, Mackenzie Wheeler, and Doungebai Leo show their support for The Day of Silence. None of them are homosexual, but advocate for the cause. Photo Credit Asia Davis

“Silence speaks louder than words,” writes Loy Norrix sophomore Jordan Peterson.

Today students nationwide are taking a vow of silence to show their support for the gay/lesbian/transgender cause. Peterson walks around with a dry erase board around her neck to convey any messages she wishes to say.  Teachers at Loy Norrix also stand behind the movement. Social Studies teacher Niambi Pringle has willing students participating in Day of Silence. Those who are against the Day of Silence or simply wish to not participate are sent to the library with a separate assignment.

“I have a strong Christian background and I still think everyone should be treated equally regardless of gender, sexuality, or race,” said Pringle

The idea is for people to understand what it’s like to have to be silent about what you have to say or how you feel, out of fear of not being accepted. Homosexual people often feel the need to stay “in the closet” out of fear that people shun them or won’t accept them.  T-shirts, bracelets, and stickers have been sold to spread awareness, and support the cause.

Students have the legal right to remain silent before school, between classes, and after school. Students also have the right to wear the buttons, and T-shirts as a part of Freedom of Speech. Students do not have the right to remain silent during class. If a teacher directly asks a student a question, they do not have the constitutional right to remain silent. Though if you express your participation in The Day of Silence before class, your teacher is more likely to respect that, and you can remain silent.

Not everyone is a genuine supporter of the cause. Some students abuse the day for their own selfish reasons. “It’s somewhat of a waste of time because some students are just using it as an excuse to not talk in class,” said Lillian MacArthur senior at Loy Norrix

The GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) club organizes and puts together the event. GSA meets every Friday after school in Art Williams room (K14).