Class of 2013 Will Miss Out on the College Advisor


Jamilah George (center) is pictured with seniors Sofia Parker, Brenden Groggel, Ray’Von Jones, and Shaquila Haywood. The picture was taken at fellow senior, Valorian Cunningham’s signing party for Wayne State.

In past years, there has been a position at Loy Norrix with the title College Advisor through a program with the National College Advising Corp and its subdivision Michigan College Advising Corp. The position gave Loy Norrix’s college advisor the power to help students apply for colleges, financial aid and scholarships.  This program will be ending this June with the class of 2012.

Jamilah George currently holds the position of college advisor and leaving this year brings up many different emotions for her.

“I’m sad, very, very sad. I wish there was an opportunity for me to stay, but at the same time me leaving is a demonstration of what I do here at Norrix. I’m also pursuing higher education this fall at Yale University,” said George.

After helping so many students George said, “It feels great. It’s been a privilege to be able to impact so many students in one year. The relationships I’ve been able to build have influenced me as an educator.”

George has done a lot for the students here at Loy Norrix, especially the seniors. She gave students a reason to be excited and students were rewarded for their pursuit of higher education with prizes and a scheduled event called Decision Day.

Next fall, the position won’t be here at Loy Norrix and the students will not have anyone to advise them.

“I’m disappointed,” said George, “This is a really great program, no matter who occupies the position. It dramatically influences the student body and the community too. The position encourages the students to take advantage of the Promise because students won’t know what its like to go to college without it.”

The Loy Norrix guidance office isn’t as worried about the elimination of the position as the students. In the past they dealt with the workload and will deal with it again.

“[There is] no extra pressure whatsoever. We can handle all of the students’ questions and anything else they need. There wasn’t always a college advisor so we are going back to what we are used to,” said Sharondra Moore from the guidance office.

The students here at Loy Norrix who got to know George personally are more affected by her leaving.

Twins Devin and Damien Hegler are going to Kellogg Community College to play basketball in the fall and without Jamilah George it wouldn’t be possible.

“She helped us fill out college applications, the FAFSA, and helped us find different programs at our school,” said Devin.

“I love her. I wish that we all could have had the chance to meet her our freshman year,” said Devin.

“She also helped us pick out our majors and what other schools accepted them for when we transfer,” said Damien.

“I just want her to know how much I love her and how much I appreciate everything she has done for me. She never turns anyone away and she takes everything she does so seriously,” said Damien.

The twins, Devin and Damien aren’t the only ones who are going to miss her. There are over a hundred other students that Jamilah George’s presence in Loy Norrix has affected. For many, without her, their dreams of going off to college wouldn’t be possible.