Loy Norrix holds an academic assembly for hard-working students: The Thursday before winter break students gathered to watch a movie and have treats


Credit: Clara Moss

Freshmen Yacine Lo and Mara Vander Beek wait for the movie to start during the assembly. Lo and Vander Beek both had 3.5 GPAs and enjoyed the assembly.

Clara Moss, Social Media Editor

While other students were in class, students with good grades or perfect attendance watched the movie “Elf” while eating chips, cookies, and chocolates. 

On December 19, students from all grades missed fourth and fifth hour to watch a movie and have food in the auditorium as a reward for either no referrals and a 3.5 GPA or perfect attendance. This assembly was part of a district wide program, PBS, or Positive Behavior and Support. 

“It’s a program designed to recognize the students who do the right thing, day in and day out,” said Julie Young, a volunteer with the program. 

Young stated that the program has been running for a couple of years and will continue next year. There are also monthly incentives for positive behavior. Young considers the assembly a success as students were able to celebrate their achievements and simply relax. 

“Yeah it was pretty chill, just time we didn’t have to spend learning. It was nice, we just got to hang out with friends,” said freshman Hannah Locke about how much she liked the assembly. 

Locke had above a 3.5 GPA in order to attend and thinks others could get those grades as well by doing their homework and paying attention. Locke doesn’t think a 3.5 GPA is always that hard to get as others believe. 

“It depends on how you look at it, maybe if you have trouble learning or have bad time management, but I kept organized that trimester,” said Locke.

Two other freshmen, Stella Amy and Jack Novotny, both attended the assembly because of their 3.5 GPA’s. Neither Amy nor Novotny believe it’s hard to maintain a 3.5 GPA. Amy enjoyed the assembly because of the movie “Elf.” 

“From what I’ve heard, freshmen definitely have it easier,” said Locke about how it’s easier to attend the assembly as a freshman. Sophomores take more AP classes and the workload increases compared to freshman year. 

Along with the movie, there was also a raffle to win Echo Dots, gift cards, and Loy Norrix t-shirts. There will be another academic assembly later this year to celebrate the results of the second trimester. This one will be outside and take place during the third trimester.