Loy Norrix Uses Technology for the Good


Photo Illustration by Allie Creamer
Students are so attached to their cell phones that they are even used at lunch when they should be eating.

A teenager is sitting at home playing video games; suddenly their pocket makes a noise. It is a message reminding them to do their homework assignment for that night. The video games get turned off, and it is time for homework.

Teachers here at Loy Norrix are starting to implement the tactic of using a web service to send text messages to students reminding them the homework assignment for that night. Students find it very helpful to have a backup in case they have forgotten to write down the assignment.

“I think it’s convenient cause when your at home doing fun stuff, not doing your homework and you get a message, you remember to do it,” said freshman Jake Link.

Phones are a big part of a teenager’s life. A student spends a lot of time on their phones, so there are many people who are very fond of it. Constantly texting, tweeting and updating their status, this idea is to get a kid’s attention faster.

“I think it’s very helpful because most kids are on their phone now-a-days,” said freshman Sabrina Nieves.

Some students disagree with the help and find it to get in the way. “For me, it doesn’t help because I write down the homework anyways. It’s just an annoying message in my inbox,” said senior Maddie Snyder.

Senior Andre Campbell finds the text message as extra help when remembering what he has to do. “I think it’s great because I do what is on the text and I might not remember to look at my planner,” said Campbell.

In some of the programs, students can text messages back to the teacher and ask questions. This technology is expanding the ways teachers and students can communicate at home.

Teachers don’t mind helping students remember but they and others may also feel that it’s taking away the responsibility that students have. “I think it’s a good idea because anything we can do to help students is beneficial. But I also think students should be responsible,” said Spanish teacher Melissa French.

The new idea is bringing technology to students and using it for the better. Some teachers at Loy Norrix are trying out the new concept, and hope it encourages more students to do their homework. Comment to voice what you think below.