Bowling is junior’s a favorite sport


Credit: 265082445005101

Alexandria Stone and the LN bowling teammates pictured above.

Shin-Ling Yeh, Staff Writer

The LN bowling season has finished successfully. Many students like sports and enjoy having sports clubs. 

Junior Alexandria Stone is also really into sports. Though she has several sports clubs, her favorite sport is bowling which is an uncommon sport.

Stone started bowling at a young age because her whole family does it like a tradition.

“I love everything about bowling. People usually think bowling is not really competitive, but I love the competitiveness of bowling the most. I want to go bowling forever,” said Stone.

Stone loves the competitiveness in bowling. In bowling, people have the individual balls and just throw the balls, so people might not feel competitive. Though, Stone found it to be competitive and has really enjoyed it. 

“The season was amazing. Also there had been only two members before, but it turned nine this year. I was so happy with that,” said Stone.

The LN bowling team made the season remarkable. Stone got more members to join the bowling team, and they did their best during the season. Thus, they won every match and even won the district bowling match trophy.

At the end, Stone gave a tip on how to improve your bowling skills.

“My highest score is 250,” Stone continued. “My tip to improve bowling skill is calming down. I also get nervous when I throw the ball, though, and I try to calm myself down. Then I can do much better.”