Good news from around the world during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Coronavirus graphic.

Credit: CDC

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Coronavirus graphic.

Clara Moss, Social Media Editor

Even during a global pandemic, certain aspects of the world don’t change, some are even becoming more positive. Whether the environment or animals have been helped, humans have managed to brighten the world a little bit.

BBC News reports that for the second time ever, a patient has been cured of HIV. The patient, Anthony Castillejo, was cured in March, the first patient being cured in 2007. Castillejo, was cured through the use of cancer treatments and is reported to be free of HIV more than two years after the treatment. Castillejo and his health stand as figures of hope and encouragement. 

In India, CNN writes that the Himalyan mountains are visible because of the Corona lockdown. The mountains are “visible from more than 100 miles away” for the first time in decades. Not only is the mountain range visible, but air pollution in India has decreased during the lockdown, providing fresh air for the country.

The Guardian has reported on a college graduate in the United Kingdom that invented a biodegradable alternative to plastic. The graduate, Lucy Hughes, created MarinaTex which breaks down in less than two months and is made from organic fish waste. Hughes provides hope in the environmental fight against plastic pollution. 

Block Club Chicago wrote that, for the first time ever, all the animals from Chicago Animal Control were adopted during the week of April sixth. Multiple other shelters in Chicago and across the country are reporting similarly during the stay at home orders. Now is the perfect time to adopt or foster a pet, as most of the population is staying home and has the time to train a new dog. 

Finally, ABC News stated that Greece swore in its first ever female president, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, on March 13th. Sakellaropoulou was elected by Parliament almost two months before she was sworn in, and was previously a high court judge. 

Coronavirus may seem like the end of the world or a cause for depression, but there are so many other elements to feel encouraged by. We can recover from this pandemic and keep looking on the bright side for now.