The class of 2021 is missing out on more than class of 2020


Credit: Yasmin Mosqueda

Class of 2020 seniors playing Tug of war against juniors at a pep assembly celebrating the LN sports teams.

Yasmin Mosqueda, Social Media Team

Class of 2021 started off their senior year via virtual classes. Senior year is one of the most important and exciting years for your high school experience, but this year is very different from others. Seniors will unfortunately not get the fun part of senior year because of schools being closed due to COVID-19 which means no Pep Assemblies, Homecoming, Winterfest or prom.

“It sucks we won’t get to experience some of the things senior year is known for like prom. It’s kind of sad,” said Loy Norrix senior Yahir Vazquez.

Not only did coronavirus affect 2021 seniors during this year, but last year for juniors as well. One disadvantage was the cutting back on preparation for college and junior not being able to take the stressful SAT test, which promoted adding more pressure to current seniors as they wondered when they would take the SAT. 

Another disadvantage was that students couldn’t meet face-to-face with their guidance counselors, so many struggled with questions they could have easily discussed with counselors in person.

Even though the class of 2020 also missed out on a lot of senior events, they still got to experience part of their senior year, unlike current seniors who most likely may not get the opportunity to experience the traditional senior year at all. Seniors usually go into their last year excited about  what senior year may bring, yet this year was altogether different and loaded up with the nervousness and concern about what they might miss out on with a  virtual school year.

“Virtual schooling has been difficult for many, but especially high school seniors. We’ve missed out on the fun of sports games, dances and we might not even get a traditional graduation,” senior Eve Tyler continued. “It makes me sad that we don’t get to experience those things because now when people talk about their high school proms and Friday night football games we won’t get to relate. Graduation is supposed to be a special, fun night full of laughter, tears and many hugs. Those are all things we might not get.”

Many students are still hoping to return to school before this school year is over, but there is no for sure answer. According to the Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, she strongly encourages schools to offer in-person learning starting March 1, 2021. Teachers are expected to start getting the COVID-19 vaccine after an announcement from the Michigan Governor’s office.

“I’m bummed that I’m missing out on the ’traditional’ senior activities and memories, but I am really excited about my future. My grades have never been better. I’m graduating early and focusing on myself. Surprisingly, I have never been happier,” said Loy Norrix senior Mackenzie Hanfland.

With the restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in preventing in-person school, it’s affected many students, especially seniors. Add to that the regular effects of senioritis, this year’s seniors who have spent most of the year at home may feel like they want to give up. 

The class of 2021 has had the most severe impact.