Seniors share plans for graduation parties


Credit: Tisha Pankop

Annemarie Mansfield, Social Media Team

Graduation parties are all about celebrating a senior’s accomplishments throughout their schooling careers and because of this pandemic, people have had to make some changes. Changes such as being socially distanced, wearing masks, and having a smaller guest list are having to be made. 

Samantha Shaffer (12th grade)

“I’m having a small one at a restaurant in a banquet room,” stated senior Samantha Shaffer. “I’m only inviting family and a few close friends so we’re keeping it small.”

Shaffer also said, “The restaurant will take care of food, which is nice, and I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends.”

Since there hasn’t been too much that seniors have gotten to do that is “normal,” getting to have a graduation party is a breath of fresh air. However, there are still some drawbacks that seniors have to take into consideration.

Carson Williams (12th Grade)

Another senior named Carson Williams said, “We’re planning on having mine outside and socially distant. We’re trying to figure out the mask situation since we won’t know who will be vaccinated.”

Despite having 61.6% of the U.S population being vaccinated, the CDC states that having received the vaccine helps put a stop to most people from contracting COVID-19. With this being said, more people will be comfortable with a small gathering.

“I’m a little bummed that I can’t have a big grad party, but at the same time, it definitely isn’t one of the things I was ever super-excited about,” Shaffer said. “I haven’t minded too much that it has to be modified.”

The CDC has also recently updated their mask guidelines stating that it is now safe to get rid of masks in a public setting if vaccinated. 

Williams said, “I’m a little bummed about the food situation because I wanted to serve some mac and cheese but due to COVID, people don’t want to be touching the same serving spoon. We are doing mainly little foods that are individually wrapped or prepared so guests can take only theirs.”

The small things such as serving different dishes at your graduation party and seeing masked faces instead of  whole faces takes a toll on seniors as well as their families. 

“I’m disappointed that it can’t be a normal party with all the food and people I want to invite,” Williams said.  

Although changes have been made to their original plans for their graduation parties, it still hits the main reason for throwing these parties. It gets people together to celebrate the accomplishments of these seniors.