Loy Norrix students describe futuristic inventions they long for


Gigi Fox, Web Editor

We all have thought about the future and what will be different. Obviously hair styles will change and hopefully kids in 20 years won’t be quarantined at home because of a worldwide pandemic, but for now we can just wonder. Maybe in 10 years there will be new inventions that we couldn’t imagine living without.
I remember always asking my parents how they even survived without a cell phone and they would just laugh and say they didn’t know anything else. One day when someone asks our generation how we ever live without a flying car, who knows, maybe that will be our response too.
“I want there to be flying cars. Since youth I’ve always thought that it would be pretty cool to have flying cars such as the Delorean. Many films and series feature flying vehicles, so the idea isn’t that uncommon at all. But if they were real, that would be a huge game changer and a true wish come true,” said senior David Wilson.
“Back to the Future” was made in 1985 and they had such high hopes for the future and the increase in technology, but unfortunately, we have not made it to that level yet. They had flying cars in the movie and so far the closest we’ve come is self-driving cars. Tesla has made huge steps in technology with self-driving cars with sensors to alert the car of any possible dangers while driving.
“I’d say self-driving cars will become the norm in a few years. The technology is already here and is constantly being fixed and tweaked. I feel that before we know it, all new cars being released will have a self-driving feature,” said junior Donovan Wilson.
Cars have come a long way in development. Back up cameras were made standard on May 1st, 2018, so any car made since then is required to have a backup camera. There has also been improvement in parking, some cars, like Tesla, have a self-parking feature, which will allow cars to park themselves. This can come in handy with parallel parking in a tight spot, eliminating human error. While human error is taken out, there is a possibility of technological errors with the car.
Technology has come a long way in the last few decades, especially with gaming devices Xbox and PlayStation. One of the major faults of these two consoles is that you cannot play with the other… yet.
“Playing video games is fun but is way better when you’re playing with your friends and crossplay is the next big thing coming up in the gaming world,” said senior Elie Kabombo. Crossplay is where the two gaming consoles can play with each other, as of right now there are only certain games that allow you to play with the opposite console, such as Fortnite.
Technology has given us an outlet for expression, as well as a way to communicate with other people thousands of miles away. Simple tasks like turning on the TV have been made easier with a remote or even telling Alexa to turn on the TV. Alexa was invented to make your life easier by just telling her what you need done and in most cases she can make it happen. But, even simple tasks like putting away laundry have room for improvement.
“I’ve always wanted an invention that would put my laundry in the dryer for me. Like some kind of trap door or something so after the washing cycle is done, it just goes straight in,” said junior Ian Woodruff.
There are now washer and dryer, all in one machines that could potentially be the solution we have been requesting. According to The Spruce, there are many on the market to choose from.
Inventions are made everyday to make life easier or to just try something new.
“An invention I want to be made are [is], arcades in showers so you can play arcade games while you’re in the shower and win prizes,” said freshman Zoey Alden.
Who knows how long it will actually take to make these ideas a reality, but the fact we can fly a 710 ton plane in the sky, which is the record for heaviest aircraft ever built, is a good indication that big things are coming.
Some inventions are mechanical and on the horizon, while others are wishful thinking and may require more time to be made.
“An invention I would like is a remote that can control your physical and mental health,” said senior Allie Stone.