“Stray”: The first good non-action game in a long time


Alex Houslander, Social Media Editor

You will never find a more versatile video game than “Stray.”

“Stray” is an adventure game about a stray cat that accidentally enters a cybernetic society populated by machines and robots. He must find himself a way out, with the help of a friendly drone named “B-12.” Stray also finds some friends along the way that give him hints to escape, one of them being a human-sized robot named “Momo.”

The robots inside the cybernetic city won’t go outside the walls because inbetween the real world and the city surrounded by walls, there are little creatures called “Zurks.” These Zurks will swarm anything in sight,and if you don’t avoid them, they will eat your cat body alive. 

“Stray” is almost like “Zelda” with its versatility. There’s a great story, puzzles and cryptic hints that take problem solving to figure out, and it also has intense action. 

The vibe of the game is unmatched. There is no music for a majority of the game and no talking, being that there are no humans. It is a great game for when you just want to relax. 

The balance of puzzle solving and action throughout makes it very easy to not get bored, since you don’t spend too long just doing one thing. The game creators do a good job of offering a variety of different things you do in a single mission.

The creepy aspects of the game are another thing that keeps you on your heels. 

As you walk around the map of the game as the cat, you come across dead and shutdown robots that have either been caught by security from preventing them from going outside the walls or have been killed by Zurks. This is a general warning to not go towards that direction, or if you do, you need to be prepared to be chased by Zurks. Also the continuous silence throughout can really irk the player at times.  

In modern video gaming there hasn’t been a game outside of the genre of action of this quality in the last three years. 

“Stray” isn’t licensed by a major company like Playstation or Xbox, so it’s $30 as opposed to a standard licensed game at $70. 

“Stray” is also a relatively short game. You can spend around 12 hours on it and beat the game all the way through. 

It is 100% worth your money and time and should be at the top of your list if you are looking for a new game to play in your free time. 

The one and only negative about the game is the traveling in between missions. With there being only one jump animation and one running speed, walking around and figuring out what you need to do can get dry and tedious. 

My favorite part about the game is that it doesn’t walk you through the story or give you constant helpful hints. 

Once “Stray” makes it clear what you have to do, you’re on your own and you have to figure it out by yourself, which is a breath of fresh air for newer video games and provides for a good amount of difficulty. 

The short story mode of the game with the extra content with side quests makes this game have great replay value and an enjoyable game to play when you’re trying to wind down. 

10/10 highly recommend: “Stray” for anybody looking for something new to play.