People should take precautions when they return to school after being sick


Credit: Alora Cartwright

Levi Montero chooses to wear his mask every day to protect himself and others. “I think people should wear masks to keep them safe from other diseases other than COVID,” said Montero.

Alora Cartwright, Guest Writer

It is a warm classroom, the desks are sticky and people are too close. You can smell AXE body spray and hear people coughing and sneezing.

Schools in Michigan always struggle in the winter with flu season, but they are also being challenged by COVID and RSV. It is a challenge to keep students in the classroom.

According to the CDC,  “People who show signs of COVID-19 should isolate themselves for 5 days, then wear a mask for 5 days when around people so that they don’t  spread the virus.”

The  CDC also states that people who have not been vaccinated for COVID or have not gotten their booster need to wear their mask for another 10 days after the standard 5 days are up. They should also isolate themselves for an additional 5 days to play it safe.

Based on these guidelines, students and staff who have received their booster shots should wear their masks for 10 days after the exposure just to play it safe. Halfway through the 10 days you should take a COVID test.

“I feel like when people are sick and don’t want to wear a mask, it’s because they don’t want anything covering their face and don’t want anything on their nose,” freshman Selecia Gordan said.

In addition to COVID, RSV is another problem for schools. The CDC also states that RSV can spread to the lower respiratory tract, causing pneumonia or bronchiolitis. Symptoms include fever, severe cough, wheezing and your skin might get a bluish tone.

Students and staff with RSV are contagious for 3-8 days. If students and staff that have RSV sneeze and cough without covering their nose and mouth, you could possibly catch what they have.

“I think people who were sick should wear a mask when they come back to school,” said Levi Montero.

Schools and other programs should have soap and water provided for people to wash their hands. Some bathrooms in Loy Norrix do not regularly refill their soap dispensers, so students and staff can’t wash their hands to keep them safe from viruses. However, don’t forget that you can use the hand sanitizer that is in classrooms and hallways.

There are additional measures to prevent yourself and others from getting sick. For example, you should get your annual flu shot and the two COVID vaccines and boosters.

There have been many negative effects of RVS and COVID that Norrix students have suffered.

For instance, freshman Ashlyn Teal was forced to cancel a family trip because she had COVID.

Some students would not be mad if they missed school, but those who take more advanced programs get frustrated when they’re forced to miss school.  Because of the KAMSC workload, it will be hard for Teal to catch up in KAMSC without putting other students behind just because she needs to catch up.

“I want to stay healthy and to keep others from getting sick. If you are sick and just not in it, then don’t come to school. Take the day off and see how you feel tomorrow,” Teal said.

People should try wearing masks when returning to school after being sick. People should think of others.

“I think that people should wear a mask. I know I don’t want to get sick and I know I don’t want to get my friends sick,” Teal said.