Teens describe their supernatural experiences and how it incorporates with their lifestyle or beliefs


Credit: Ophelia Flynn

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Ophelia Flynn, Guest Writer

As children, people are often curious about the unknown, from ghosts and ghouls to the existence of demons and aliens. A lot of people have attempted to seek out the truth of these mysteries and there are instances in which the proof showed up on people’s doorsteps.

According to the Pew Research Center in an article written by Micheal Lipka, studies showed that allegedly 18% of Americans believe that they have seen ghosts or experienced things with the supernatural, while 29% believe they have been in touch with the dead or deceased. Despite this information being from 2015, ghosts and supernatural occurrences have been documented and questioned for years.

Loy Norrix freshman Roberto Garcia, is a semi-believer in these occurrences that are beyond science itself. 

Garcia said, “I believe in generality that ghosts exist and ghosts are dead people.” 

Garcia is also incredibly superstitious and a semi-Christian. 

“I fear that everything I do might trigger an event,” Garcia said.

 Garcia explained that these supernatural beliefs have affected him subconsciously and cause him anxiety. As a result, Gacia has developed habits based on this like not walking underneath ladders, knocking on wood when tempting fate and more. 

Garcia continued,  “I don’t have many [experiences with ghosts], but there’s a couple that have happened.” 

Garcia said he would often hear strange noises from the attic at his grandma’s house. These noises consisted of whistling and footsteps. However, when he went to check the attic, there was nothing to be found. 

Another study published by Yougov by Taylor Orth states that a poll of the website’s users reveals, a statistic that points out that allegedly 67% of people in America have experienced a range of 13 different paranormal and supernatural occurrences and out of these individuals, close to 35% of them believe it may have been supernatural or paranormal. A large part that plays into this is culture and folktales as well as the media that also helps stir the curiosity and mystery behind these beliefs.

Freshman Juan Ortiz-Ponce said he is a believer in the supernatural, but specifically the ideology and belief of good and bad luck. 

Oritz-Ponce explained that the influence for this belief is the way he grew up.

“I believe in ghosts and stuff because it’s kinda nice to think that people you love or hate die, but they’re still there with you,” Ortiz-Ponce said.

Ortiz-Ponce remembers a situation where he was out in his friend’s backyard, playing hide and seek. When he got farther away and closer to the forest, he heard something. Oritz-Ponce described it as demonic and almost as if someone was trying to summon something evil. 

“Yeah, it makes me think that there are some really crazy people that try to summon things,” Oritz-Ponce continued. “[It] also makes me realize that there is some stuff in this world that we don’t really see.”

Ghosts and supernatural beings are widely debated among many different groups. Whether or not someone believes or not is based on many things: religion, superstition, how they were raised. The question, however, remains: is the supernatural real?

Do you believe in the supernatural?


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