“John Wick 4” is a perfect finale to an incredible quadrilogy


Alex Houslander

The John Wick films are bloody, non-stop action-packed movies to come out over the past decade. This series screams Keanu Reeves, and he absolutely rocks the role as John Wick. 

The series starts with a member of a gang killing John Wick’s dog “Daisy” that his dearly beloved late wife gifted him after passing away weeks before the movie takes place.  Immediately Wick comes out of retirement and hunts down each and every person with connections to this gang who has killed his dog.

Then, the proceeding two movies are about the consequences of him hunting down these men and him being “excommunicado,” which means he’s up- for-grabs for any assassin who wants to try to kill him and bring him in for a reward.

Whilst most fans were fine with this plot, some were asking for more variety, rather than John Wick just fighting for his life for three entire movies with no sign of re-retirement.

With that being said, in the 4th installment, director Chad Stahelski delivered exactly what fans wanted by finally concluding the series with a bang.

With the bounty on John Wick’s head increasing, Wick seeks revenge on the “High Table” and all that have done him wrong in his days of “excommunicado”. The High Table consists of various mafias all over the world who provide insight to the most powerful criminal organizations in the world. The High Table is furious about the havoc John Wick has brought upon the world of private assassins who have been after his head for years now.

This movie is set everywhere: from Berlin to New York and even Japan, John Wick is a journeyman throughout this three hour film.

The vibe is unmatched in this movie. The beautiful lighting and scenery to match the entertaining fight scenes in Japan are the best part and makes for an incredible movie theater experience. 

The nunchuck fight scene in Japan is one of those moments that is truly unforgettable.  The scene keeps your eyes peeled the entire time and leaves you wanting more because of the flawless choreography.

Before the film came out, “John Wick 4” landed a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.2/10 on IMDB with not a single bad review in sight. However, these great ratings didn’t prepare me for how great this movie really is.  

A pitfall for many recent movies in the past few years is acting and delivery, but that is one aspect where this movie excels. Laurence Fishburne’s performance as the character Bowery King is one to remember, and he was a fantastic choice for the role. 

This is the best John Wick movie. Everything about it is exciting. This is a movie that any John Wick fan needs to see in the theaters because the big screen definitely adds to the experience. The sound design, the effects, they all truly come out on the big screen. I would recommend this film not only for any John Wick diehards, but for action movie fans in general.