Damned Cruel Doubt

Ben Dunham

By guest writer Corinne VanOstran

The room’s warm, with dark lighting and few tables. The stage ­­full of music equipment is empty of a band. Teenagers are walking around talking, laughing, and having a good time. A few teens walk away only to suddenly jump on stage, going to their places and start to make music. This is Damned Cruel Doubt. This is teenagers living a dream, captivating adults, and impressing their doubters.

For them, it’s not about have an fan base or being famous. It’s about the music. For over an year, Ethan Laymond 18, Kameri Holtz 18, Nick Carpenter 17, Jack Weir 17, and the baby of the band Jimmy Welty 14, have been practicing and writing music. This gave way to their first official show, at Trophy House Grill. This show is to celebrate the release their EP album “The Rising”

Damn Cruel Doubt’s fans can’t stop raving the whole time. Their songs hit home and carried over to everyone who listened.

Syd Hegedus, an admiring fan, had nothing but good things to say. “I have never seen an local band with kids this young and be so hard core. All of their music speaks to people and tells a story,”

Though they weren’t always this way, admired and looked up to. “They were the weird kids, the fringe kids. They were always bright, motivated and friendly. Being in this band gave them confidence,” their manager Jodi Heaney said.

Their confidence showed when Jimmy Welty, got up from his position on the drums and led the band into their last few songs by sharing his story, talking about the sadness and depression that he (and others) faced. The fans all listened showing support, then as the band rocked on they did too.

This band has never given up and will continue to rock the music scene even when some members are in college. Remember, “Life stabs you in the back, so doubt it all until you know it’s true,” according to the band Damn Cruel Doubt.