And the Award Goes To Loy Norrix Art Students Win Art Scholarships



Photo By Sha'Kira Green Junior Kailee Mcdade works on her next charcoal piece. This piece was consists of the ravens she uses in her other works,
Photo By Sha’Kira Green
Junior Kailee Mcdade works on her next charcoal piece. This piece was consists of the ravens she uses in her other works,

On April 26th there was an opening for the High School Area Art Show at the Kalamazoo Art Institute. This art show consists of students from 9th – 12th grade artists in Michigan schools.
Loy Norrix alone submitted 38 pieces of artwork. Out of the 19 students that submitted work, four students were selected to participate in the ceremony. The ceremony is used as a time to give the students who were selected their recognition. There are opportunities to get merit scholarships or just $100 dollars for placing. The celebration ceremony was May 17.
The students that were selected to attend the ceremony were juniors Kailee McDade and Irving Qunitero and sophomore Samuel Gulliver. The only senior that was selected was Abbi Ramos.
McDade and Quintero received a $12 thousand dollar merit scholarship for Western Michigan University, Gulliver received $5 thousand dollar merit scholarship from Kendall College of Art and Design along with $100 dollars from The KIA, and Ramos received $100 from the KIA.
“I was shocked that I actually got the award,” said McDade.
McDade got a merit scholarship for her charcoal piece of two ravens. This was her first year being in AP Studio Art and she plans on taking the class again as a senior.
“I was led to believe that no one really got into the ceremony,” said McDade.
McDade plans on going to WMU since she received this scholarship. Quintero also plans on going to WMU as well.
“I felt puzzled at first when I got the award since I thought there were better pieces than mine,” said Quintero.
Quintero received his scholarship for an art piece he did in graphite about littering. This is his second year being in AP Studio Art and plans on taking the class for a third time as a senior.
Gulliver on the other hand, had a different view on receiving his award.
“I thought that it was exciting, but I don’t think I’m going to go to art school,” said Gulliver.
Gulliver received this award for one of his photography pieces.
“I’m shooting for University of Michigan which is why I feel bad about the award,” said Gulliver.
His plan is to go to University of Michigan for photography.
There are various people who win awards like Gulliver, but in some cases don’t use them. The recognition is still appreciated.
This year a total of 7 Loy Norrix students received art scholarships of a total over $100 thousand dollars. It’s been a great year for the students in the art department.