Guest Article: Good Students Want Open Campus Lunch

Ben Dunham

by Jared Graves

by Jared Graves

Sneaking out the doors, looking behind to make sure that security guards, teachers or administration haven’t caught you leaving school. This is the obstacle course needed to leave school for lunch or to go home and grab a paper you forgot.

Loy Norrix is one of the few schools around that doesn’t allow their students the luxury of an open campus. I believe that Norrix should allow students that have a good GPA and are well behaved in school. Students that show they are responsible in school are often responsible on the road as well.

“My friend Portage Northern is a upperclassmen and he can go off campus for lunch or go home for a break from school life, he has also been on the honor roll the three years he has attend Northern” said sophomore Nathan Jaworowski.

Nathan like many other students at Norrix have friends in the area that are allowed to leave campus due to their ability to show excellence in school. We as a student body question why we can’t have the opportunity to be rewarded for our hard work in school.

Good students that are responsible with their schoolwork are shown to be responsible on the road as well. Many insurance companies like Allstate take this into consideration as they offer discounts on car insurance to student that present good grades on their report cards.

Lastly, giving more responsibility to us as students will benefit us in the long run. In college there is no one who is going to monitor you when you leave campus and make sure that you arrive to your next class on time. So, having an open campus can help students work on their time management skills and learn how to get to school on time for the next block.

Teachers, administration and even parents may feel that leaving campus will only affect the students negatively. They feel that having an open campus will give the students the chance to skip their afternoon classes, but they are wrong. If open campus is offered  to students with a good GPA and who are well behaved in school they obviously care about school and will arrive in a timely manner.