Increased Passing Time Could have a Positive Effect on Students



Have you ever been stuck in the pit of endless people at four corners or near the cafeteria during passing time? Has anyone ever been stopped in the middle of the hallway because someone had to hug his or her friend? Well, chances are you go to Loy Norrix.

The Hallways here at Loy Norrix are a pain. If you have a class in the M-Wing and you need to get to the J-Wing, you won’t have much time because chances are you will get stuck in the crowd of hot sweaty people.

“The halls are congested all the time and its annoying,” said freshman Jack Kujacznski.

According to Officer Williams, the bottom of the A-Wing is the worst; this area is constantly overcrowded with many different people, which occasionally leads to conflicts between students.

This leads to more questions: Is five minutes passing time long enough? If the passing time were extended would this help the rush of people be less frantic to get to class? Would it decrease the amount of hallway confrontations? If Loy Norrix changed the passing time to six minutes the school might see a decrease in the number of tardies.

Loy Norrix changed its policy a few years ago from six minutes to five minutes because people would wander the halls and waste time instead of using valuable minutes to get to class. This has a negative effect on students who did get to class on time and who didn’t wander the hallways.

“Passing period is not meant for socializing,” said Assistant Principal Boggan.

Boggan also stated that although some people did waste the six minute passing time, most people took advantage of it by getting to class on time without feeling as if they had to sprint across the building.

Coming from the gym to the top of the B-Wing is hard, but possible, I have done it and the key is to not stop and waste time. If you stop and have a two minute conversation with your friend, it leaves you only three minutes to get to class, not accounting the crowds you will run into.

“I think six minute passing time would give students a nice break so they can talk, so when it’s time for class they become more focused,” said junior Jenna Nizzardini.

Teachers could also benefit from having a little extra time to get ready for their next class. They have four classes a day that they have to plan and organize materials for. It is especially hard when they are teaching different subjects every hour.

“If we use the bathroom, sometimes it isn’t enough time,” said English teacher Brianna English.

With hundred of people going in different directions, trying to get to different places, it is hard to get to your location on time in this building. Six minutes passing time would be ideal for everyone.

The halls are chaos and the passing time is too short. If there is a change, the number of tardies could decrease as a whole, teachers would have more time to get organized and go to the bathroom, and there would be less hallway conflicts.