Lowrie Strikes Again


Photo by Sarah Stevens Jennie Ko gave the 50 goldfish she got as a prank from Lowrie to Valerie Long, who has a fish tank.
Photo by Sarah Stevens
Jennie Ko gave the 50 goldfish she got as a prank from Lowrie to Valerie Long, who has a fish tank.

This year, team teacher Jennie Ko was pranked by science teacher Mark Lowrie for her 50th birthday.

Lowrie bought fifty gold fish and throughout the day had his students deliver them to Ko in her different classes.

The pranking between Mark Lowrie and Jennie Ko started ten years ago on her birthday when Lowrie was caught red handed by Ko trying to steal her computer.

“[Loy Norrix] is a hard place to work so why not have fun when you can,” said Ko and Lowrie finished the thought, “and if you don’t make your own fun, nobody is going to do it for you.”

“If you don’t have fun here, you are going to focus on the stress and all the other junk that happens and you’re going to crash,” said Lowrie.

Over the years Ko and Lowrie have team taught together and when teaching, Lowrie would put funny sayings or pictures in book or piles of papers to lighten their moods.

“What a great testimony to how well we respect and appreciate one another. Who else can you give fifty gold fish to and have them still be okay and be able to consider them a friend,” said Lowrie.

When buying the gold fish Lowrie had to go to two different Meijer stores because the first store didn’t have enough fish.

“I believe people celebrate other peoples’ birthdays the way they want them to be celebrated,” Ko joked with Lowrie about his upcoming birthday and the repercussions of his prank.

Lowrie has pranked other staff members before pranking Ko. Once he made home stink bombs and put them in Coach Drake’s room [now Brad Schnidt’s room]. When only planning to make one stink bomb, Lowrie made two instead, and they had to remove students from the C-Wing it smelled so bad.

“It’s kind of like making cookies that way, when one batch is good why wouldn’t you make a double or triple batch, so it made sense at the time, and I came out of my room and OH it smelled bad out there. Then I closed my door and went back into hiding in my room [now Claudia Witt’s room],” said Lowrie.

That’s not all though. He has taken everything out of a teacher’s classroom and left the room completely bare and put sheep eyeballs in the same teacher’s desk another time.

“It’s good find people that are willing to have safe fun with and enjoy it,” said Lowrie.