Nine Ways to Have a Phenomenal Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day practically upon us many of you may be struggling to find that perfect gift or plan a perfect evening. But do not lose hope! There are multiple things one can do for their significant other to make this Hallmark holiday a memorable one.
1. On a budget? If you go into Qdoba and kiss someone, you can get a free burrito.
2. Although so cliché, you can’t go wrong with with flowers, chocolates, and dinner.
3. If your Valentine happens to be a teenage girl, make her dreams come true with a life-sized stuffed teddy bear.
4. Stay strong single ladies, get some friends together and have a girls’ night out.
5. If you take pictures throughout the night, you’re sure to get plenty of Instagram likes by posting a collage.
6. Take the classic route and get a dozen roses from VanderSalm’s Flowers for only $84.95!
7. Bring out your romantic side by cooking a homemade dinner. Score extra points by hiring a violinist to accompany the meal.
8. The opening night for “Endless Love” corresponding with Valentine’s Day is not a coincidence. Take your date to see it for what’s sure to be a five star film.
9. Does your love burn with the fire of a thousand suns? Brace the cold and go stargazing.
No matter what you do as long as you’re spending it with people you care about or having some “me time,” without a doubt, your Valentine’s Day will be a fantastic one.