Juniors Reflect on ACT & MME



Congratulations Juniors, the ACT part of this week is officially over! Only one more day of waking up early to take the dreaded (but mandatory) MME test. The following quotations are from current juniors who have just finished the second day of testing:

“It was difficult, but then again parts were easier than others.” -Czoey Hohler
“It gave me a headache.” -Cherish Davis
“I liked the reading and English the best. It met my expectations.” -Hannah Miller
“I didn’t practice any of the science ones before, so I didn’t know what I was going into. I was more nervous the day before than the day of. I didn’t feel mentally stressed after [the test].” -Kristin Fuller
“I didn’t find it all that hard because I didn’t try my best.” -AJ Rogers
“Some parts of it were easy, science was hard. On the math, I remembered the concepts but not how to solve it.” -Claire VanderVelden
“The science was really confusing so I just started bubbling in the spaces.”  -Nate Jaworowski