Kalamazoo Students Transition from Paramount Charter Academy to Loy Norrix


Photo by Brandi Greig Jasmine Adams talks to her friend Tori Zehner after school. They are both on the JV soccer team.

Switching schools can be difficult for everyone, but it’s especially hard if you have never been to a public school before. Along with all the new people and teachers, you have to adjust to new classes, new rules, and usually a bigger school than your old one.
Jillian Kalhorn, a sophomore at Loy Norrix, went to Paramount Charter Academy from kindergarten until eighth grade.
“The biggest difference between the schools are the hallways,” Kalhorn said. “At Paramount, we had to walk in straight lines. Here, you just push to get to class.”
Jasmine Adams, a freshman, said that there is a lot of diversity at Loy Norrix compared to Paramount. She also went to Paramount, but only stayed until seventh grade. She transferred to Portage Northern for her eighth grade year.
Paramount is a relatively small school with approximately 545 students overall. The Paramount dress code states that you must wear solid color clothing only, with shirts collared and tucked in to your khaki or black pants. Fights are extremely uncommon and are dealt with immediately. There is no passing bell and no one is allowed to loiter in the hallways between classes. Also, instead of building a cafeteria, Paramount sets up folding tables in the gym at lunch time.
Despite the big changes between schools, both Adams and Kalhorn are adjusting well at Loy Norrix. Adams is on the JV soccer team, and Kalhorn is a cheerleader.
“The best part of Norrix is the sports because you get to do what you love, meet new people, and there’s good competition between schools,” Adams said. “There was not much competition at Paramount because there is no rival school like there is at Norrix.”
Another thing Adams and Kalhorn have in common is how they favor public school.
“I like Norrix better because it’s bigger and there’s less drama,” Adams said. “There is also a lot more classes to choose from and it’s easier to fit in.”
“[I like] Norrix because you meet new people everyday and we don’t have a strict dress code,” Kalhorn said.