Zhi Xin Wee Takes on California


“Summer Break” are two words students love hearing. It’s the time where students have a free schedule for more than two months. In these months, typical students go to beaches, parties and relax instead of having to worry about getting homework done and staying up studying for a big test.
Summer break plans can range from relaxing and staying close to home for the most part, to traveling out of state. However, senior Zhi Xin Wee went to California to study at UCLA.
Wee’s studied CSI and law four times a week while she was in California for twenty days.
When Wee had the time, she got to do cool things such as going to the Getty’s Museum, seeing the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign.
“I hiked to the Hollywood sign and it was 10k. It was so hot and there was no shade, it felt like a desert!” said Wee.
One of the hardest things for Wee was staying a dorm and having ten suitemates.
“I wasn’t used to sharing a bathroom and sharing the small amount of space with girls, some of whom I didn’t get along with. It was just too much! I definitely regret picking ten I wish I would’ve picked a five person suite. My favorite part was meeting everyone. It was international, so people from different countries like Europe and Asia. We all studied different classes, hung out and did fun activities. So I like that it was really diverse,” said Wee.
Leaving California and all the people she met was tough. “We were all bawling! It was very sad leaving and I miss everyone a lot,” said Wee.
Unfortunately, Wee will not be going back next summer because she will be getting ready for her first year of college.
“I still keep in touch with a few of the girls,” said Wee.