Celebrating Students of the Month October 2015

Jordan Brown

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Student of the Month September
Once a month there is a party held for the outstanding members of our school.
“Our goal for student of the month is to get more students to be recognized that don’t normally get recognized.” said assistant principal Kelly Hinga.
So often, students get recognized for sports and for academics, but there are so many children who go unnoticed because they aren’t they don’t have perfect grades or play sports. The goal of the student of the month program is to recognize students for their achievements in the classroom that go past being a straight A student. The students that are, good leaders, students who consistently help others.
“ It is truly a pleasure for me to get to meet all of the wonderful members of school in one setting,” said principal Rodney Prewitt. “So often many students just get lost in the fray, but I think that this program is a fantastic way for us to recognize them.”
So what is the Student of the Month program? The Student of the Month program is Mrs. HInga’s and Mr. Prewitts way of saying thank you to the outstanding students of Loy Norrix high school. A special lunch with them as a treat.
The process for becoming student of the month is simple, be amazing in all of your time at Norrix. It’s as simple as that. Teachers will notice your greatness. Hopefully they will submit you for the program.
Speaking of teachers, there is also a staff member of the month. So you know that security guard that you really like? Or maybe it’s a teacher. You can nominate them for staff member of the month. Just pick up the form in the main office, fill it out, and have it turned in by the 25th of the month.
Another great thing about being student of the month?. This certificate looks very good on a college application, or a job resume.
The students of the month for the month of for the month of September are, Jarod Bogan, Aaron Buchanan, Diane Marcinkowkis, Keith Marcinkowkis, Artevian Woods-Brooks, Joseph Gonzalez, Caitlyn Moon, Alex Lutz and Zion Cooper. The staff member of the month Was Mark Lowrie.
“Being student of the month, was a lot of fun” said Woods-Brooks. ” I am very happy for the opportunity, plus we had some really good lunch.”
“Today was a really cool experience” said Moon. ” I think that this program is a fantastic idea.”