2015 Exam Schedule – Trimester 1


Exam Schedule – Trimester 1
Thursday November 19, 2015
Full Day with Students
First Period: 7:33am-8:24am
Second Period (Exam): 8:29am-9:59am
Third Period A Lunch: 10:34am-11:49am (Lunch 9:59am-10:29am)
Third Period B Lunch: 10:04am-10:39am & 11:14am-11:49am (Lunch 10:39am-11:09am)
Third Period C Lunch: 10:04am-11:19am (Lunch 11:19-11:49am)
Fourth Period: 11:54am-1:05pm
Fifth Period 1:10pm-2:20pm
Friday November 20, 2015
Full Day with Students
First Period (Exam): 7:33am-9:03am
Third Period (Exam): 9:08am-10:38am
Fourth Period A Lunch: 11:13am-12:43am (Lunch 10:38am-11:08am)
A16, A18, B15, B16, B17, B20, B21, C12, C15, C17, C19, D12, D9, K16, M12E, M12W, M14
Fourth Period B Lunch: 10:43am-11:28am & 12:03pm-12:43pm (Lunch 11:28am-11:58am)
A12, A13, A17, B10. B12, B13, C14, C16, C23, D13, K2, K3, K4, K5C, M11, M12W
Fourth Period C Lunch: 10:43am-12:13pm (Lunch 12:13pm-12:43pm)
A10. A14, A15, A20, A21, B19, C10, C13, J11, K1, K10, K12, K13, K17, K5W, K6, M13
Fifth Period: 12:48pm-2:20pm
Monday November 23, 2015
Half Day with Students
Fourth Period (Exam): 7:33am-9:05am
Fifth Period (Exam): 9:10am-10:40am