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Social Justice Book Bowl is a success for another year of competition

Book bowl returns to competition to compete against kalamazoo central. The Book Bowl team has won for 8 years in a row.

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

February 5, 2020

Every year the Loy Norrix Social Justice Quiz Bowl team walks home with the winning trophy. The teams this year are already doing well by making it through the elimination rounds. Although winning is the goal, more important than the win is that students learn about social justice issues facing Amer...

Fire Arts Collaborative’s Team for “Louder Than A Bomb Detroit” Formed

Aside from Darien Burress and Dana Hudson, all pictured made it onto Fire’s slam poetry team and will be going to Louder Than A Bomb in Detroit from May 1 to May 3. From left to right. Back row: freshman Mary Besser and former Loy Norrix student Mike Cobbs. Middle row: sophomore Briana Jean-Baptiste, Lex Rose, attendee Darien Burress and senior Colin Carnell. Front row: Fire staff member Dana Hudson and former Loy Norrix student Ariana Reece. Photo Credit / Amara Monae

Colin Carnell, Copy Editor

February 3, 2020

On Friday, January 17, Fire Arts Collaborative held a preliminary poetry slam with poets reading original poems about self-doubt, sexuality, insecurity and depression. Fire is an organization that focuses on promoting artistic expression and leadership skills among young adults, particularly for ind...

Communities in Schools hires success coach to help Loy Norrix students academically and socially

Heredia's room is located right next to B11. Her door is decorated with

Riley Dominianni, Feature Editor

February 2, 2020

Here at Loy Norrix, there are multiple schoolwide resources for students. Whether it be social, academic, or career-oriented problems students are facing. This school year, a new, unique position was created by Communities in Schools: someone equipped to handle all three. Her name is Nazlhy Heredia, and...

Tea Club gives students a break from academics

Three members of Tea Club discuss the meeting while seeing what kind of tea is available to them. They are excited to see who shows up, and what conversations will be had.

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

February 1, 2020

Walking into Tea Club and being welcomed with a smile always makes the long day you had at school better. After you get a cup of relaxing tea and snacks, you’re ready to put the day behind you and sit down to have light and calm conversation with people that share similar interests. Tea Club focuses ...

Loy Norrix seniors reflect on their long-distance running careers

Three members of Tea Club discuss the meeting while seeing what kind of tea is available to them. They are excited to see who shows up, and what conversations will be had.

Colin Carnell, Copy Editor

January 31, 2020

On Saturday, October 26, Loy Norrix High School seniors Jozef Meyers and Ella Schnell made LNHS history at the Southwest Michigan Athletic Conference Cross Country Regionals, held at Portage West Middle School.  Both Meyers and Schnell advanced to the state meet, the first time in a decade that LNHS has sent both a male and female runner to the state competition. Mey...

The Velvelettes sing with Loy Norrix Choir

From left to right; Milly Gill-Arbor, Bertha Barbee-McNeal, Norma-Barbee Fairhurst, and Cal Gill-Street.

Jeanie Gould-McElhone, Arts and Entertainment Editor

January 25, 2020

  One of the best things about being a reporter is getting to meet some amazing people. That’s exactly what happened to me last month when I had the opportunity to meet and interview two members of the Motown group, The Velvelettes, when they performed with the Loy Norrix Choir for their car...

Interact Club brings volunteer opportunities from around the world to Loy Norrix

Members of the interact club discuss ideas for community projects at one of the club's after school meetings.

Eli Reynolds, Graphics Editor

January 19, 2020

One of the newest additions to Loy Norrix’s growing community of after school clubs and activities promises to be a haven for high school students wishing to exercise their leadership skills. The Interact club, which is led by junior Benjamin Sierra-Torres, meets every other Wednesday afternoon ...

Loy Norrix students learn what life after high school might look like

Tristan Mieroles came back to the halls of Loy Norrix to talk to a forensic science class about life after high school.

Brandi-Rose Phiri, Business Manager

January 17, 2020

Every year, Loy Norrix students get a visit from LN alumni who have sat in the same seat just a couple years ago to tell then what life may be like once they have graduated from high school.  As college students finish off their fall semester, they are given an opportunity to come back to Loy Norri...

Youth mental health first aid training comes to Loy Norrix

Youth mental health first aid training comes to Loy Norrix

Emma Hilgart-Griff, Social Media Team/Knights Speak Team

January 15, 2020

On January 16th 2020, 22 Loy Norrix students and two staff members will engage in youth mental health first aid training facilitated by the Integrated Services of Kalamazoo. During this training students will learn how to properly handle a teen mental health crisis, what resources to reach out to, and ...

Green School Club is making students aware of climate change

LNHS Green School Club members gather in front of Green School flag after meeting. Green Club meets every Thursday to discuss environmental issues and maintain a green school.

Lydia Snapp, Social Media Team

January 11, 2020

“Green School Club is a bunch of people that do good, just to do good,” said Loy Norrix freshman Brian Treadwell. Treadwell feels that everyone in the club is very positive and helpful. “It’s nice to care about the world you’re living in. If you care about the environment and want to put in the ef...

What Role Models Mean To Us: Freshman looks up to her middle school art teacher

Holverstott poses with two of her original pieces. The one on the left was recently featured in an art show.

Grace Getachew, Guest Writer

January 10, 2020

“I look up to her, she helped me through some rough times,” said Loy Norrix freshman Lucy Holverstott when talking about her 6th grade art teacher from Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts, Gayle James. Everyone has someone they look up to. Whether it’s a person they’re close with or some...

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