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High School Should Be Optional

High School Should Be Optional


November 19, 2015

I love education, but I hate going to high school. I have learned how to cope with the pains of public school for eleven years of my life and so has almost everyone else I know. It’s not just learning how to deal with waking up early, hours of homework, finals week, and more, it’s learning how to...

Fifth Year Program Gives Students a Headstart Towards College Degree

Fifth Year Program Gives Students a Headstart Towards College Degree


October 12, 2015

High school has always been known as the last four years of being a kid, not having adult responsibilities and enjoying it while it lasts. But, a new idea has come around, a fifth year of high school where students are able to dual enroll and by the end of the year, have an associate’s degree and a hi...

Struggles With Stationary Students: Advice for Norrix Students to Get Traffic Flowing

This is an Aerial Map of Loy Norrix High School. The orange strip is the bottleneck. Photo Credit: Loy Norrix Guidance Office


October 2, 2015

In Loy Norrix High School, at the overcrowded merging point of the three main wings (A, B and C), student traffic frequently comes to a complete stop. According to the Kalamazoo Gazette Staff’s article “Kalamazoo Central High School Historical Highlights,” Loy Norrix was founded in 1961. Its design...

New Guidance Counselor Quickly Welcomed

Pam Robinson is cool, calm, and collected. She is respectful and kind to everyone she's met at the school. Photo Credit: Jonathan Lo


September 25, 2015

An unfamiliar figure sat in a comfortable swivel chair, her desk a bit disorganized and loaded with student schedules and requests. Pam Robinson is the new Loy Norrix High School counselor. She is outgoing, competitive, and has a humble mannerism and posture. The students with last names from A-Eh...

The Beginning Of The End

The Beginning Of The End


October 10, 2014

As senior Sam Gulliver sits in the library with his hand pressing against his head, he stares at all of his work, contemplating what to even begin with.  This workload consists of assignments from KAMSC, Norrix, and incredibly stressful college applications. “It’s easier to push classes aside and focus...

Loy Norrix Girl Swims Through Her Fear to Success

Elizabeth Gbogi sits with her friends during lunch here at Norrix, and talk about their current classes.


December 18, 2013

Everyone has experienced the class that they absolutely dread. They look at their schedule and head straight to the guidance office. But sometimes due to unfortunate events the class you don't want is stuck with you for the next twelve weeks.    This happened to Elizabeth Gbogi, who is a freshman here at Loy Norrix High School. In her first trimester of ...

Teachers Make Less than Deserved

Teachers Make Less than Deserved


November 13, 2013

A baseball player sits on the bench, chewing gum and watching his team take down the opposing team on the diamond. Sitting on the bench isn’t too bad in his opinion. No stress, no work, and still over $1 million rolling in to allow him to enjoy the finer things in life. Meanwhile, a teacher sits ...

Arming Our Educators

Danielle Kahler


February 4, 2013

Throughout my high school years, I've discovered that I would like to become a teacher. In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, I've recently found myself wondering what kind of training I'll be receiving. Will I be required to take classes in self defense and learn how to shoot a gun? And wh...

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