Have a Fairy Tale Prom Without Going Bankrupt


Alex Lutz asked Kate Puca to prom over the morning announcements. Puca replied with an excited yes. A sweet and memorable promposal. Photo Credit / Caitlin Commissaris

Prom is a night that upperclassmen have dreamt of since they were children. It is the one evening that they get to live out their own personal fairy tale. Everything is planned out to perfection.
There are some individuals who like to go all-out on prom, spending hundreds of dollars on the significant evening. Overpriced dresses are purchased, limos are rented, and fancy dinners are eaten. However, going to prom doesn’t have to mean burning a hole in your wallet. There are many ways to go to prom in style on a budget.
The Dress: The prom dress is a very important aspect of the night. Girls always imagine prom as the night they are the princess. However, you do not need to spend over $100 on a dress to look like royalty. There are many secondhand stores that you can go to and you might just find a hidden gem that suits you perfectly. Some of these stores include J-Bird Vintage, Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, and Second Impressions. Nobody’s going to know how much you spent on the dress but you.
The Tux: Gentlemen, it is your time to impress. There are many places available that offer tuxedo rentals. You can also purchase one for cheap at a secondhand store or even Goodwill.
“I got my tux from Goodwill, function over fashion,” said senior Ethan Leverton.
Food: Many couples go out for a fancy, sit-down meal before dancing the night away. Although, if you are trying to save money there are other options. Making a delicious home-cooked meal may even be more romantic and much less costly.
Set up candles around the table or even go to a park for a nice picnic. The extra work and thought you put into this will please your date and less money comes out of your pocket. There are also nice, inexpensive restaurants around town that you could take your date to without spending too much. You could go to Applebee’s, Bilbo’s, or even Old Burdick’s.
Transportation: You don’t need a limo to get to the prom. Why spend all the extra money when you could just drive yourself? If you don’t have a car then carpooling with friends is always a fun option.
There are ways to minimize the costs of prom from all aspects. You do not need to have an abundance of cash to enjoy your prom. You can get your formal wear for a decent price at a secondhand store and still look amazing. No one is going to know where you bought it or how much you spent, but they will see you and know how much fun you are having.  Remember it is the memories that count. With all these aspects being brought into consideration your night will be unforgettable and your bank account won’t be annihilated.