A New Way of Learning: Online classes Have Benefits

Grace Augustine

Junior Lacey Burke sits in front of a computer doing her Pre-Calculus test on MIVHS. Burke is taking this class because it does not fit into her schedule. “I enjoy the level of autonomy that I have when completing and turning in my assignments. I can make it work around my personal schedule,” said Burke.            Photo Credit / Grace Augustine

Passing classes can be hard, and when faced with a subject like math, many find that the largest challenge between them and graduation is earning credit from a class that they already tried and failed. Other students simply want to take a class the school does not offer.
Classes offered by GRAD Point and Michigan Virtual High School allows students to take classes that are not offered by Kalamazoo Public Schools, or that students were unable to pass the first time around.
“It helps because if you don’t pass your classes, you can just do this,” said freshman Destiny Buchanan. “It feels better because you take your own notes, not copy, and you can remember it in your own way.”
Buchanan benefits from online classes because rather than following the traditional classroom system, she can focus on the lesson each day and get credit towards graduation. Buchanan found advantages from this setup by taking notes at her own speed and using them while answering questions as the daily lesson.
Other than simply getting the credit for a class, online classes can also let students take courses that their regular high school does not offer. Sophomore Kristina Hubbell took a Criminology class on MIVHS.
“Criminology is a topic that I was interested in and may choose to pursue later in life,” said Hubbell.
Hubbell also enjoyed the class because she was able to take her time on some lessons and speed through the ones that she understood.
“You can go at your own pace,” said Hubbell.  
If students just want the credit they need to graduate, or if they want to take a class that they are passionate about, online classes give them an alternative to traditional classes.