WMU Scholarship Offers New Opportunities for Students


Western Michigan University is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Seen here is the logo for the school. Photo Credit / Wikipedia

The Western Michigan University Future Educators Program (WMUFEP) is a new scholarship offered at Western Michigan University (WMU). It is a partnership between WMU, The Kalamazoo Promise and the Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS). The scholarship is available to future teachers coming from Western Michigan University. They offer the following services to help work towards graduation: career exploration, financial assistance, graduate school exploration, leadership opportunities, opportunity to attend conferences, speedy access to advisors, tutors and mentors and volunteer opportunities. To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, you need to meet one of the following requirements: be a first generation college student, be income eligible or a student with disabilities. On top of that, you need to graduate from a KPS school and be a Kalamazoo Promise student.
The WMUFEP is more than just a scholarship, it also comes with a lot of benefits as well. You get well-trained, knowledgeable and caring staff that are readily available. You will get a lot of job opportunities and first priority to tutors, mentors and office staff. There are even more scholarship opportunities than the WMUFEP itself.
If you are accepted after the application, interview and essay, you’re not done yet. There are commitments you will still have to complete in order to keep the scholarship. You will need to volunteer throughout the school year at a KPS school. You need to attend individual and group mentoring and tutoring sessions. You also need to agree to work for additional pay in two summer-school sessions during the degree completion.
Meeting with a WMU faculty advisor, a WMU faculty mentor and a KPS teacher mentor regularly is mandatory. Lastly, you need to complete a pre-internship and a final internship experience at the Kalamazoo Public Schools. If you meet the requirements and want to major in one of the majors listed earlier, this would be a great opportunity to apply for.
I would be able to receive the help and mentoring that I need to boost my aspiration to become a teacher. It guarantees a shot for me to actually fulfill my dreams. This program will give me foundation and stability while in school and provide me with a greater chance of employment after college,” said Sarah Girimia, a Loy Norrix senior who has applied for the scholarship.
For more info visit TRiO Future Educators Success Program at https://wmich.edu/trio-future-educators/about