Link Crew Leaders Help Prepare Freshman

Meghan Lewis

Many upperclassmen at Loy Norrix participate in Link Crew Leadership, a group of juniors and seniors who aim to help freshman adjust to high school.
Junior Liana Luciano and her partner, senior Walter Walker, work together with certain freshman once a week to motivate them. Everyone in Link Crew has their own groups and partners who help them plan new events and help freshman transition to high school and learn good study habits. Leaders in the class spend their time brainstorming new events or go see their freshman to see how they are doing.
“The biggest thing we want to do is bring freshman together and make sure that they have a good year,” said Luciano.
The class not only has benefits for freshman but also for juniors and seniors.
“Even though there’s a lot of people we all connect, and the class helps me become a better leader,” said Walker.
The most popular event that Link Crew hosts is Snack & Study. After school, ninth graders bring their homework and get help from Link Crew leaders. This helps freshman learn how to study and get homework done. If students are struggling with classes, it’s a good way to catch up and get help from leaders who have already taken the class. Currently, Link Crew is brainstorming Valentine’s Day activities, a video for Greg Jennings and spring break activities.
 English teacher John Kreider works with students in the 3rd hour class, Link Crew Leadership. It’s a class where students learn how to be effective link leaders. Although many do, not all leaders have to take the class. Luciano and Walker are in the class getting the full experience. Having a teacher that stays after school, gives encouragement and gives guidance on event planning guarantees that the leaders achieve their goals.
“Anytime I need help he’s there and gives me moral and mental help when I’m down. He always helps me when I don’t have ideas of what to do with my freshman,” said Walker.
Kreider helps leaders boost their confidence and makes their day better.
“He always has motivation and energy, he always tells us to have a good day and really has a positive vibe,” said Luciano.
Joining Link Crew is a great way to be a part of the school and do good for others. It’s been a class for four years. Joining will help you with your future and becoming a leader that inspires passion, optimism and purpose. Not only does Link Crew help the school by helping freshman, it helps the community and students by teaching them how to study and transition to a new place.