Heart Touching Hero

Sidney Richardson

Junior Garret Bloom helped to save a dog out of a frozen lake with his boy scout troop. He is a huble hero here at Loy Norrix. Photo Credit / Sidney Richardson

Junior Garrett Bloom, a quiet Loy Norrix student, is now a hero of sorts, whether he thinks so or not. He is a very unique kid who grows on you the more time you spend in his presence. His positive outlook on life is truly special.
Over the weekend of February 18th, Bloom was out on a hike with his Boy Scout troop on the Roto-Kiwan Scout reservation near Al Sabo Land Reserve when he saw a dog running out on the ice. The dog then fell through and the scouts burst into action. They thought quickly and ran to find a canoe from the nearby boy scout camp. They were unable to find oars and displayed their resourcefulness using branches and logs instead. When they arrived to where the dog had fallen through. Scooby had seemingly given up.
“It broke my heart seeing it there looking hopeless,” said Bloom as he clutched his heart.
It was difficult for the scouts as the dog struggled moderately against their assistance. The dog, Scooby, was in a scary situation, cold and surrounded by strangers. He tried to hop out of the boat after being rescued. Bloom then decided to take it upon himself to calm Scooby down while his fellow scouts rowed them back to shore. They then returned Scooby to his owner, an older woman who had let Scooby roam free on this relatively nice February day.
This was truly an act of heroism on the part of Bloom and his fellow scouts. Not many people would have thought to do something, much less be able to devise a plan and put it into action. The scouts saved this dog’s life with their quick thinking and resourcefulness.
However, if you ask Bloom, he will deny all credit for his heroic actions. Even with all the news coverage and recognition, he remains humble and believes that he was just any other person who did the right thing. He sees the good in others and believes that anyone who could have, would have done the same thing.
“I would think that anyone in this school would do the same thing. What I did wasn’t really special,” said Bloom.
The world really needs more people like Garrett Bloom. Who will go out of their way to help the helpless.