Classroom Behavior: Teachers Deserve More Respect

By Anthony Foti

Disruptive behavior has become a large issue with Loy Norrix students in the classroom. Every five minutes the teacher has to yell at the class to stop talking. As a student I find it difficult to focus on anything when classmates are yelling and laughing about some silly joke. This disrespect happens everyday and it’s time to confront the issue.

I can see the frustration in the teacher’s eyes when students start getting to loud. A teacher’s job isn’t to babysit, but to teach the students. People always say that “knowledge is power” but some people never want to learn.

“School can get boring, that’s why most people talk,” said junior Mataya Simmons.

School is for learning, when you come to school and just sit and mess around, you take the education out of kids who want to have good grades. School is not about hanging out and talking with friends, it is about learning for your future.

Education is probably the most important aspect in life, especially with the opportunity of the Kalamazoo Promise. Without it, it is hard to get a good job and you will not make very much money. A high school diploma is the beginning of a very successful career, so why disrespect the person giving it to you? At some point it seems like the class is taking notes and is focused but then walk in two late students, and one of them starts fooling around as they walk into class. Next thing the teacher knows, the whole class is laughing and off topic. These kinds of things happen everyday at Loy Norrix and teachers are tired of it.

“It’s completely unnecessary, and a waste of time telling them to quiet down,” said teacher Christina Holmes.

Some say that we are just fine the way we are and that there will always be some classmates who act up but it is time to give our teachers some more respect. These teachers do not want to have to babysit us and constantly tell us to do our work. I believe that there is a golden rule in the classroom. That is, if you respect the teacher, the teacher will respect you.

As a teenager it can be hard to focus for 8 hours each day. Having to wake up at 6 in the morning can also be difficult. Sitting and just listening to the teacher is something easy that you can do. Loy Norrix students need to give more respect to our teachers, so they can also give some back to us.

None of us are perfect and cannot always be quiet all the time but it helps everyone out if we can keep calm, stop yelling, and give the teachers the time of day.