Is Sleeping In Class Worth It?

By Lindy Moored

Although it would not be acceptable for me to slap every person I see that sleeps during class, this is how I feel when I see students taking their afternoon nap during 4th hour, dreaming about slaying zombies. Why are you sleeping? This isn’t 1:30 in the morning.

In all of my daily classes, I see students catchin’ Z’s.

“I slept in class once because I couldn’t get any sleep the night before,” said freshman Daniel Coffey.

When you stay up late doing your homework, or can not fall asleep, I completely understand that after not getting your full eight plus hours of slumber, all you would want to do is close your eyes. When you sleep during class, not only could you miss out on the date of the next quiz, but you are creating bad habits.

When you get a job in the future, it is not going to be acceptable to sleep during your Monday night staff meeting, or take a five minute snooze when you were supposed to deliver that note to your boss. This would probably get you fired, unless you work for Google where taking a nap is encouraged.

Since we all can not go to school at Google offices, if you are dreaming during class, chances are, you’re missing out on the latest drama between Romeo and Juliet. Sleeping during class can have a bad affect on your grades. Missing the class lecture will result in you not knowing the topic which may result in you not knowing how to do your homework or how to get an A on the test.

Since Kalamazoo Public Schools offer the Kalamazoo Promise, our education here is a gift. Our entire life’s education can be free to us because of KPS and we need to respect the education they are giving us, and sleeping during class is not respecting the gift.

I suggest that maybe people should stop procrastinating on their homework and get to bed earlier.

Trust me, having your teacher wake you up after the bell rings with drool all over your face is not attractive. Fight through the sleep desire and learn at school. School is not the place to be sleeping and having a dream that you have just married Justin Bieber.