Hoadley Wins the 60th Congressional District of Kalamazoo

Joshua McKissic

Loy Norrix hosted the 60th District Town Hall weeks before the election. The discussion was invigorating and gave students a chance to see true politics in their area. Photo Illustration, Dakota

Kalamazoo County, the intersection of hope between Chicago, the Windy City, and Detroit, the Motor City, is home to the House of Representatives 60th Congressional District.
On November 6th, the nation-wide midterm elections were held. For the 60th Congressional District, these elections determined who would represent Kalamazoo County in the Federal House of Representatives. William Baker, a big supporter of free market and non-compulsory education, ran against incumbent Jon Hoadley, who campaigned to reduce class sizes and invest in youth education.
Jon Hoadley is a Michigan State University graduate. He ran unopposed for the Democratic primary for House of Representatives and won with 11,700 votes. He has since won the 2018 midterm election and is now in his third term as District Representative. His campaigning themes were to end gerrymandering, improve voter turnout, reduce the role of money in politics and invest more in the students and teachers of our education system.
Loy Norrix senior and Hoadley campaign field worker, Sean Salamun said, “The exposure and experience I got from Jon Hoadley is actually making me want to study political science in college. It made me more politically active than ever before, and I recommend to anybody who’s interested in politics to intern.”
Hoadley has been nicknamed a “champion of social justice” due the hopeful legacy he seeks to leave, including the expansion of anti-discrimination protections to include sexual-orientation and gender identity, protecting a woman’s right to abortion, ending mass incarceration and reforming the criminal justice system.
Hoadley’s opponent, William Baker, won the Republican primary for the Michigan House of Representatives for District 60. He also won unopposed with just over three thousand votes. The difference in votes during the primaries was a clear demonstration that Hoadley was on track to win.
Baker is a University of Alaska Fairbanks graduate with a bachelor’s degree of science in mathematics. He is employed by the State of Michigan at the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital on Oakland Drive near downtown Kalamazoo. When asked if he modeled himself after any particular legislator, he named State Representative Steven Johnson, U.S. Representative Justin Amash and the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge.
With this being Hoadley’s last year in office, he is seeking to leave a mark on Michigan that includes many different legislation changes and expansions.