Students Respond to Art

Dear Editor,

Alexa Davis, your article on AP Art, cartooning, and functional ceramics was very well written and analyzed. I enjoyed the addition of Steven’s point of view on how things are being run in his classroom. My only complaint is the anime section, which many professors of art admit is not a form of art. “Anime” is not derived from ancient Yokami. I’m well educated in ancient Shinto, Japanese woodblock painting, and Japanese watercolor. Plus anime is too mainstream. I would advise to steer clear of all manga related stories.

  • Parker Kissel, junior

Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed this Knight Life! I’m usually not that interested, but this time I was even impressed. I really liked the “Arts & Entertainment” section. Several people in this school put a lot of time and effort into their art pieces. It’s wonderful that they’re getting recognition. I loved the large variety of topics that it covered too!

  • Maria Chavarria-Jeronimo, senior

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