Students can have fun while staying home


Credit: Audreanna Dunton

Senior Emma Scheele stays busy while staying home during COVID-19. Scheele plays with her dog outside.

Audreanna Dunton, Assistant Business Manager

It is nearing the end of March, you’re leaving school after finishing up your second-trimester final exams. You feel a heavy weight lifted off of your shoulders as it’s a half-day and you get to go home and relax after weeks of hard work and studying. Little did you know, though, that you would not be returning to school for the rest of the year. 

“I was excited to start a new trimester. It’s crazy to think that was the last day and we had no idea,” said sophomore Aixa Reynoso. 

Now, it’s early June and you never returned back to school. COVID-19 is a pandemic that took over the globe at high-speed. States across the country have been in mandated lock downs and stay-at-home orders since the end of March. Students all over the world are stuck at home or some, even working at essential businesses. For the ones staying at home, though, they have quite a bit of extra time on their hands. Students from Loy Norrix have become creative with keeping busy and productive!

“I started a paint-by-the-numbers which has taken me so long. I’ve cut my hair, I’ve dyed my hair, I learned how to wake surf (kinda), and I also have been reading some books. I also learned how to give my dog a haircut,” said senior Emma Scheele.

Students all over have been remaining busy with all of their extra free-time while also participating in their online classes. 

“I’ve been watching new Netflix shows and hanging with my family,” said junior Adyson Ubl. 

Even though stay-at-home orders are just now being lifted in place, you can still always find something fun to do. There are a wide variety of websites that can help you not become bored such as Pinterest, crafting websites, and social media sites. 

Staying in touch with your friends, family, and loved ones is crucial during times like these. However, we are fortunate enough to have easy access to just about anyone in the world with social networking! Call a friend — FaceTime a relative! The opportunities are endless.

Now that the weather is getting  warmer out and nicer as well, outdoor activities can be done right in your backyard. You can practice yoga, play with your pet, or even just simply sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Teachers, parents, and students are all eager to get back to school, but for now we do what we can! Remember, as summer is getting closer and closer by the day, that there is always something to do to keep busy.