Bringin’ back Renaissance


Photo by Lucas Leibold

By Hunter Lee

Since the day the first coin was created, people have taken huge steps for payment, most of them with the understanding that with hard work comes reward. It is very remarkable for a high school to recognize students for raising their grades and working hard in school. Thanks to the Renaissance program, Loy Norrix students aren’t only recognized for their work but they are rewarded with a large range of incentives.

For Loy Norrix students that qualified for Renaissance, the school threw a rally with all sorts of entertainment including DJs, food, games, student performances, and more. Following the rally, the school gave the Renaissance qualifiers a t-shirt and ended the day with a raffle for prizes such as gift cards and DVD box sets.

LN physical education teacher, Judy Weir, was involved when the Renaissance Program was first introduced to Loy Norrix in the 1980’s, and now she works alongside Andrew Laboe, Loy Norrix Athletic Director. “Every trimester, we will have a rally for the students, and the incentives will last throughout the trimesters,” said Weir.

In order to qualify for Renaissance, students must either have a 3.0 or higher, perfect attendance, or have raised their GPA a half-point higher, no matter what their GPA has risen to. Although Norrix only rewards the students who are eligible for Renaissance, the school’s true aim is to help motivate the students who don’t meet the requirements.

“Renaissance is a national program, it motivates kids to achieve at a higher level,” said Weir, “When we first started Renaissance, less than half the students qualified.  By the second year, three-fourths of the students qualified, so it does work.”

It has been a few years since the program has been used at Loy Norrix, but this year, Norrix is bringing it back with greater determination to help the students. There is already some hype and support from students and teachers, such as English teacher Natia Mattison. “I think Renaissance is a great program,” said Mattison. “It proves that if you work diligently then you can reap the benefits.”

Even though Loy Norrix isn’t paying students for working hard, the incentives that come with Renaissance will hopefully make school important to the students as if school were a job. Renaissance is a ticket of inspiration for success.