I will fight for you: the heartwarming charm of Jacob Black


Credit: James Hauke/Lionsgate

Photo illustration of author Conner McBride as Bella Swan with Jacob Black from “Twilight” (2011).

Conner McBride, Staff Writer

Edward Cullen is a sparkling, brooding creep, and Jacob is the one that is better to date between the two

First of all, Edward Cullen, from Stephanie Meyers series “Twilight,” along with any of his family members, could kill me the moment I get a paper-cut that is deep enough. He would be physically faster and strong enough to crush the bones in my hand while holding it if he wasn’t careful enough. He also has impeccable eyesight which means every flaw, or blackhead, or pimple on my skin could be easily seen. 

On top of that, Edward has his mind reading powers which means that no thought I have would be hidden from him. I tripped in front of the class earlier today: he would know about it. I get called on to present something and I don’t practice at all: he knows about it. My entire life would be laid bare for him to dissect and pick apart as he pleases.

Jacob, while still posing a risk to my health and safety, is only a major threat when he’s angry. The way the werewolves in “Twilight” are portrayed is that they are able to change form at will or forcefully with extreme emotions such as anger. 

Edward along with his family are a constant risk to my life, with the possibility of dying present in every moment a person spends with them.

Along with that, Edward isn’t even the most attractive member in his family. He has an expression that looks like he has just smelled someone who hasn’t showered in a month and when they finally do shower, it is in a sewer. It’s a highly unappealing facial expression which he has during all five movies. 

Edwards’ dad, Carlisle Cullen, first and foremost, is a doctor so there are brains to match the beauty. His brother Emmett is also much more appealing and is made of muscle. He has a personality as well, when Meyer and the writers for the films could have easily just made him the stereotypical jock seen in movies and TV: all brawn and no brain. And you have Jasper, who is always able to tell if you’re having a bad day or feeling anxious due to his ability to read emotions, then cheer you up. 

Edward also has a total lack of personality. Despite being hundreds of years old and being able to watch the rise and fall of multiple trends, political ideologies, and social issues, yet Edward remains as dull as ever. 

Throughout the whole movie and book series Edwards entire personality seems to revolve around loving Bella and protecting her, and has no additional hobbies or things he enjoys to do, just focusing on Bella. 

Jacob has a personality. He knows when to be silly and when to joke around. He has hobbies such as cliff diving, and working on old cars, along with spending time with his dad.

Along with a severe lack of personality, Edward also lacks mortality. While I wither away from old age he remains effectively immortal, and because of how vampires are made, by dating him you are literally dating a corpse. No comforting heartbeat to fall asleep to. 

Instead, you get unnervingly yellow eyes and skin that’s ice cold and hard as rock. As in, when his immortal-until-otherwise life is over, he becomes a pile of rock-like chunks, powdery debris and all. 

Jacob on the other hand, has a warmer internal body temperature both in human and wolf form, so you get a nice warm, and maybe furry, cuddle buddy for the colder seasons.

The age gap between Edward and I is also too large for my liking. Sure, I don’t mind a few years difference in age between couples, but a 107 year difference is too much, especially if you’re in high school. Why date someone a century older than you when instead you could have a boyfriend, who sure, is maybe a year or two younger than you, but far closer in age than 107 years. Having a boyfriend closer in age means that you both get to experience life’s moments together, moments that an older man might have already experienced.

Edward also makes highly objectifying and creepy remarks towards Bella throughout the series such as “Your scent is like a drug to me,” or he stares at her for long periods of time. That would be so uncomfortable to have in a relationship. Imagine waking up at 6 in the morning, ready to go to school, only for you to see Edward staring at you from beside your bed, unblinking. Jacob would fall in love with you as a person, not based on what your blood, and by extension, you smell like.

Edward is also very toxic. From guilting Bella to rush to Italy because he is going to kill himself for her, to watching her sleep, this man exhibits multiple bad qualities to have in a partner. He hoards her attention all for himself, shows abusive traits by isolating her from her friends, and then when he leaves her because she’s been isolated so much, she feels detached from her friends. 

I understand that when you’re in a relationship, especially one that is brand new, you may want to spend time with your partner without your friends around, but when it gets to the point where you feel like an outsider amongst your friend group, it’s a problem.

Edward also constantly puts Bella in danger, which is why there’s action in the movie in the first place. In the first movie, Bella is put in danger because of a pack of rogue vampires who are after her. In the second movie it is Bella’s own risk-seeking actions such as cliff diving, and riding motorbikes at fast speeds in hopes to see illusions of Edward again after he leaves her, that puts Bella in danger. In the third movie, it shows Victoria, a vampire from the first movie who is creating a vampire army to take revenge on the Cullens and Bella. And in the final movies it is the giant battle between the Cullens and the Volturi, the vampire government, caused by Bella’s child Renesmee, who was born when Bella was still human. The Volturi, along with several other vampires, believe that Renesmee shouldn’t exist. And as punishment for her existence      attempt to kill both the Cullens, now including Bella, and Renesmee.

Jacob also wouldn’t abandon me, like Edward did to Bella in the second movie: “New Moon.” In fact, Jacob is the one who comforts Bella when Edward leaves her because she is in ‘too much danger’ around Edward. Jacob provides a shoulder to cry on and then picks up the pieces when she is done being upset. He would also encourage me to pursue my goals, like how he does with Bella in the second movie when she wants to learn how to ride a motorbike.