Loy Norrix students enjoy Tyler, the Creator’s “Call Me If You Get Lost” Detroit show


Credit: Lucie Russell

Tyler The Creator performed at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena on February 28th 2022. Tyler is known for his elaborate set designs.

Lucie Russell, Instagram Team

When Tyler, the Creator fans go to see his shows they know they are there not only for his music but also for his creative set designs. Tyler, the Creator is a rap/hip hop artist originally from Los Angeles. Tyler is also a fashion designer, designing for his brand Golf and collaborating with brands like Converse and Lacoste. 


On Feb. 28 several Loy Norrix students including freshman Charlie Doerschler and Nola Mullins, sophomore Gordie Jennings, junior Arlo Getachew, and myself traveled to see Tyler, the Creator’s “Call Me If You Get Lost” tour, at Little Caesars Arena. This was Tyler’s first appearance in Detroit since before COVID where his last performance had occurred on Sept. 7, 2019 at the Masonic Theater on his IGOR tour. Tyler, the Creator’s last album was released on June 25, 2021.


The opening acts were Teezo Touchdown and Vince Staples, who are rappers and Kali Uchis, an R&B/soul artist. “I loved Vince Staples and Kali, but I hated Teezo Touchdown. He sounded like he had never been on a stage in his entire life,” said sophomore Gordie Jennings. “Kali Uchis’ performance was absolutely amazing. The dancers were the best I’d ever seen live, and I really love her songs,” said junior Arlo Getachew, 


Tyler’s opening song was “SIR BAUDELAIRE” featuring DJ Drama. He rose from under the right-hand side of the stage in a light green vintage Rolls Royce. At the beginning of the concert, Tyler was in front of a blue house with his Rolls Royce and he was carrying a suitcase. This is the iconic “Call Me If You Get Lost” opening set. Later on, Tyler got on a boat that traveled through the middle of the pit to stage B, which led to an island, while he played “WUSYANAME.” 


“I thought the set was very creative and cool,” said freshman Charlie Doerschler. 


The setlist was pretty strong. It mostly had songs from his 2021 release, “Call Me If You Get Lost, and “Flower Boy,” an album he released in 2017. He played a few older songs like “She” and “Yonkers” from his 2011 album “Goblin.” He also played a few songs from another older album, “Wolf,” which debuted in 2013. “I think he could’ve been a little more diversified with some of his older songs. Even though he played a medley of some old ones, it wasn’t complete songs, except for “Tamale,” which was a hit,” said Jennings, who was seeing Tyler for the second time. 


At one point someone tried to hand Tyler a book from the front of the pit, and Tyler said if it wasn’t worth the wait before the song, he was going to have everyone boo them. The book was “The Echo Maker,” by Richard Powers. Tyler grabbed the book and proceeded to read the back which said “On a winter night on a remote Nebraska road,” then he paused and said “This book is trash,” and threw it back at them. He told everyone to call the person with the book names and said, “You’re ugly, you stink, we hate you.” 


Getachew said, “I don’t remember what the book was, but it was funny. I might read it now.” 


Based on the crowd’s reaction, “EARFQUAKE” and “See You Again,” featuring opening act Kali Uchis, were standout songs, but my favorites were “Who Dat Boy” and “RUNITUP,” similarly featuring opening act Teezo Touchdown. “RUNITUP” featured flashing lights and dueling horn players in the illuminated blue house. “Who Dat Boy” began with pulsing lights which transitioned into flames shooting up the face of the house.


The show ended with Tyler picking up his blue suitcase and walking through the door of the blue house behind him. Then the lights dimmed and the “Call Me If You Get Lost” logo came up on all the screens around the arena. 


“It was fun to just be at a concert because this was the first one I’ve been to in years, and it made it feel like COVID was finally nearly over,” said Getachew.