5 Year Anniversary: Parent Visitation Day


Photo by Cassidy Haan
Parents enjoyed their visit to Loy Norrix on November 13th. This included attending classes with students all day, as well as a special luncheon.

On November 13th principal Edwards hosted his 5th Parent Visitation Day at Loy Norrix High school. By 11 o’clock, there were around 50 parents at Loy Norrix to shadow their kids in class and see how the students go about their day. The average number of parents that come each year to shadow their kids is approximately 100.

Kim Townsend is a member of the PAC (the Parent Advisory Council) and she has enjoyed volunteering for the Parent Visitation Day for all five years.

“I like getting to see all the kids, but I do not see as many parents come as I would wish to see,” said Townsend.

Sophomore Taylor Timmerman brought her mom to school but understands why students don’t like to.

“Parents are an embarrassment,” said Timmerman.

Few parents come because the students do not want their parents at school with them. The school does not have Parent Visitation Day to embarrass the students; they do it because it is beneficial to both the parents and students.

“I think it shows the parents what the children do every day. We don’t know what you guys do,” Townsend said.

Next year Townsend will not be volunteering for parent visitation day because her daughter, Sarah Townsend is a senior and will be graduating this year.